Bridge Branch Labour Party final meeting

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Lilian Greenwood MP briefed branch members on austerity, on transport and on Brexit.
Points were raised on anti-Semitism, the impact of a knife fight on perceptions of community safety,
The branch is to divide soon as the new ward boundaries are adopted.


Love a Muslim day

Nottingham cohesion montage Screenshot (33) ab0521h
Kinda bizarre that anyone should try to launch a “hate a Muslim” day.
So “love a Muslim” was the message promoted at a rally beneath the Brian Clough statue.
With one speaker reminding us of Martin Luther King’s “Mountain Top” speech, 50 years ago to the day.
I spoke on Nottingham standing together, against Islamophobia and against anti-Semitism.

Mairi Yuill

IMG_5045 20180303 Mairi Yuill (2)
Nottingham City Councillor, 1972-76
Elected for Lenton Ward – 9 November 1972
Education Committee; (Primary Education Sub-Committee; Joint Consultative Committee for Youth Service Building Programmes; Youth Employment Sub-Committee; Joint Consultative Committee for Primary & Secondary Schools;)
Housing Committee
Museums & Libraries
Social Services

1974/75 and 1975/76
Planning Committee
Public Protection Committee

My branch secretary when I lived in the city centre.

Ken Williams

030202 02 Arboretum, Tiger Squad, Ken Williams Feb02692 (2)
Ken Williams served as a Nottingham City Councillor for Greenwood ward and then Dales ward.
A dedicated husband to Steph and a family man.
A teacher.
A campaigner for the Labour Party.

David Mellen  Ken was a great co-councillor and so patient and kind with constituents, dedicated to improving things for Nottingham people and a loyal campaigner for the Labour Party.  An honour to call him a friend.

Josie Tanvir  Ken was a kind, clever, funny man, and a wholly conscientious councillor.  I remember his wry humour and dry wit with much affection.

Penny Griggs  Ken was a truly wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor. He was active in the Labour Party, being Treasurer of Nottingham East from 2005 to 2013.

Emma Lowton  A wonderful, warm, kind, funny man.

Mo Munir  Ken was wonderful man; we both got elected in same year.  I remember his company in The Council House Members Room.

Mohammed Saghir  Ken was nice gentleman, very helpful

Helen Skinner  Ken and Steph ran Gordon’s campaign which resulted in him taking the seat off Tuck, the Tory and becoming Councillor for Greenwood . Such a nice guy.

Asif Maqsood  Ken was a wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor.
Rachel Greatrix  Lovely genuine man who was always worth listening to.
Lilian Greenwood  Ken was warm and funny and it was a pleasure to campaign alongside him.
Anne Peach  I’m so sad to hear this news.
Katrina Bull  He was a lovely man, one of the first councillors I met in my early years in Nottingham, when I was trying to win selection.  Truly a fair and generous man.

040602 191950AA The Dales, Ken Williams DSCN0652

Lilian and Toby at NeMTRA

Screenshot (840) NeMTRA AGM LG MP CllrTN ab0384h
Lilian covered –
celebrating votes for women; impact of women MPs; being chair of the Transport Select cttee.; preparing to clean air; the failure of Carillion and noting that the
NHS in Nottingham sacked them; the need fo more council housing; campaigning on gov’t proposals on supported housing (e.g. Carroll Gardens) – gov’t backtracked; new legislation for homes fit for human habitation; wanting more new council homes in The Meadows; that the government could do more; NHS – massive winter pressures; the waits for A&E ambulances: 300 more (check) operations cancelled.  Adult social care needs more support. Instead, the burden on council tax.  Pleased to see money secured for improvements to the Meadows Health Centre.  The new spaces available in local primary schools.
We need more police officers.

Community involvement counts. Casework is key to what she does and the feedback informs.  Meadows Advice Group is invaluable.


Councillor Toby Neal spoke on the cuts to the council’s budget being made by the national government.

Notts Police Panel – February 2018


First a word of warning: crime figures in the above graphic may not pay attention to changes triggered by changes in classifications of crimes; but crime has gone up under the Conservative governments, whilst resources nationally have been cut by 25%.
Notts’ current view is that crime has “plateaued” although in my ward I have concerns.
With new counting methodologies, you need a new baseline, and this was announced today as the 1st April, cos it’s when the new Policing Plan kicks in, itself delayed so as to allow the new Chief Constable to work outa new way for Notts Constabulary.

Back to the finances, that were being debated in Parliament today.
No doubt business rates are going up for next year, but none of that is finding its way to Notts Police.
– Police Core settlement stays at £76,843,070.
– DCLG formula funding stays at £47,448,274.
– Legacy Council Tax Grants stays at £9,726,154.
– Current precept of £56,450,177,
means a total base of £190,467,715.
This follows a late change of mind by the Conservative Gov’t; they were set to cut the national funding by £1.7m!  Some Police forces – West Midlands, Merseyside – are getting cash cuts.

Meanwhile, pay increases by 2% and general inflation is perceived to be 2% too.
An assumption is made that the tax base will increase by £733,892, representing an 1.3% – care I think has to be taken with this being a free hit, cos you might expect more people to serve means more to do.

WP_20180207_10_55_45_Pro ab0405h CoHall Police panel PTpccThe Gov’t have offered an opportunity to raise the precept by £12 for band D properties, and an £11.97 increase on the £183.43 base is recommended; a 6.5% increase.
The extra money represents £665,724 above inflation, out of a total of £192,942,793 (0.034%), serving perhaps 10,000 people (1.3%) more. So still reductions in service to Notts by central government.
So business pays more tax but none of it goes to the Police; and residents will pay more for at best a standstill budget.
However, I take the view that we need all the staff we can get.  So I supported the recommended precept.

More staff however , in part cos of a shift to younger staff, and more responsibilities falling to ranks such as Sergeants.  42 extra Police officers, 3 less Police staff. 39 extra, although changes in other funding reduces this by 6.

WP_20180207_13_02_16_Pro ab1120h 180131 NPost p01 Police precept storyChanges in staffing is shown as –
Police officers
– Operational up 85
– Intelligence & Investigation down 20
– Operational collaborations down 18
– Corporate Services down 5
Police staff –
– staff down 11
– PCSO up 8

The Nottingham Post reports Paddy Tipping as emphasising Gov’t not funding the Police properly, raising Council tax to pay for more officers, a new knife crime manage and a new custody detention suite to replace the existing Bridewell detention building, next to the courts.
I have criticisms of the Bridewell proposal, but in truth, until a fuller set of information is made available, I took the view no to criticise in public.

Screenshot (839) N Post police panel report ab0343h

The Nottingham Post have published quite a write-up.


Pentrich Revolution exhibition

171025R Pentrich exhibition ab0435h Screenshot (700)
England’s last armed rebellion, from 1817, and exhibited at the National Justice Museum on High Pavement in Nottingham city centre opened on 200th anniversary of the conviction / execution of 4 of the leaders.
Open until 7th January 2018 and free entrance, put together by the Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Opened by Roger Tanner and attended by Paddy Tipping, pictured alongside a display on decades of Police spying on activists.
Stating plainly that the Luddites were not anti new technology, but anti shoddy goods and poor working conditions.