List of Nottingham City Labour MPs and MEPs

Provoked by a lack of reference to Labour politicians in an exhibition on local politics, I have listed Nottingham City Labour MPs, from six different constituencies, sourced from wikipedia –

Nottingham Central

1945,  Geoffrey de Freitas,  Labour (’til 1950)
1950,  Ian Winterbottom,  Labour  (’til 1955; later joined the SDP)
1964,  Jack Dunnett,  Labour,  (“til Feb 1974)

Nottingham East

1945,  James Harrison,  Labour (’til 1955);
Feb 1974,  Jack Dunnett  Labour (’til 1983);
1992,  John Heppell,  Labour (’til 2010);
2010Chris Leslie,  Labour Co-Operative

Nottingham North

1955,  James Harrison,  Labour   Died May 1959; seat remained vacant until general election in October
1959,  Bill Whitlock,  Labour    Defeated at 1983 general election.
1987,  Graham Allen,  Labour  Retired at 2017 general election
2017,  Alex Norris,  Labour

Nottingham North West

1950,  Tom O’BrienLabour,  (’til 1955)

Nottingham South

1929,  Holford Knight,   Labour (’til 1931National Labour).
1945,  Norman Smith,  Labour Co-operative (’til 1955)
1966,  George Perry,  Labour (’til 1970)
1992,  Alan Simpson,  Labour (’til 2010)
2010,  Lilian Greenwood,  Labour

Nottingham West

1918,  Arthur Hayday,  Labour   (“til 1931)
1935,  Arthur Hayday,  Labour (again, ’til 1945)
1945,  Tom O’Brien,  Labour (’til 1950)
1955,  Tom O’Brien,  Labour (’til 1959).
1964Michael EnglishLabour (’til 1983)

Also Labour MEP’s with responsibility for Nottingham

Mel Read, first Nottinghamshire and North West Leicestershire, then East Midlands
Philip Whitehead, East Midlands
Glenis Willmott, East Midlands
Rory Palmer, East Midlands.



Tim Bell

20181027 143000 aa0809h celebration of the life of Tim Bell E77675F8X111378_10282018_000414_014592Elected to the County Council for Beechdale in 1993, where he became Chair of Social Services.
He later served on the City Council until May 2003.
Son of a vicar, living in Kent for 6 years, Northants for 6 years and Dorset for 6 years, where he met Lyn.
A year teaching in Rwanda before studying law, spending 1969 in hippy California, starting in probation in Lancashire before studying in Nottingham to go further in probation. Working in NACRO and devising new approaches like specialist housing to help people in their way back from crime and punishment.
An enquiring mind, a voracious reader, gentle talker.
Labour Party member and democratic Socialist – one leftist acknowledged how he could credibly argue being Socialist and a Tony Blair supporter.
An atheist, humanist and rationalist.
Husband, father and grandfather.
All explained at a special service held six weeks after his death, having lived with cancer for 5 years.
One quote he loved, or re-worked, along the lines of “rather than curse the current political darkness, better to light a candle“.

Celebrating the artists who have exhibited at Meadows Art Gallery

20181027 133300 meadows art gallery artists and their work
“An archipelago of artists”.
A made-up mass noun by organiser Pat Thomas.
Missed the group discussion, but pleased to take photos of many of the participants.
Higher res photos available.

20181027 133000 ab0625h LGtweet DqhgnxCX0AAfx_E meadows art gallery chat bel pt MME_Fotor.jpg
Lilian Greenwood MP joined the organisers, Pat and Bel, for a discussion about local issues in The Meadows.

25 years service as a Councillor

Seven years as Bridge ward City Councillor; on top of 18 years serving Mapperley Division and ward, that makes 25 years in total.

There should be award, or a medal, or a grand thank you!  Hey, what about an OBE?
Well, not really.  The role is a vocation and we should expect little else beyond proper allowances, pensions and logistical support.

And there’s the experiences and stories to recount!  And I do recount them.  And I notice people getting more and more bored as I tell, them.

Ah, but what about all the casework and achievements!
Again, it’s what’s expected, and it’s kinda hard to say what is it that you have achieved, without the help of anyone else, especially when you have co-Councillors and work with others.

Ronald Reagan once said achieving in politics and using politics to achieve isn’t difficult, the challenge was in making the achievements something that you alone was responsible for.
There are times when a particular outlook and resolve as an individual can make a difference for the good, but even then it draws upon widely held values and others’ capabilities.

Enough.  Let’s focus instead on what there is to do, take pleasure in ward events like today’s, note that I picked up 6 requests today and say thanks to the hundreds of thousands who demonstrated for REMAIN today.

P.S. Original posting showed 1989 photo with Neil Kinnock, rather than the 1993 elections address.