Boris Johnson loses

He called an address from Downing Street but pulled his punches.
He spoke to there G7 conference to Parliament, but his jab at Jeremy Corbyn fell flat.
As he spoke, a Conservative MP crossed the floor to join the Lib Dems.
His majority of 1 was lost.
21 Conservative MPs refused to vote with him and he lost by 27.
He’s withdrawn the. whip and now his minority is 43.
He days he’ll call a General Election, but the combined opposition don’t have to agree to one, and will wait until they’re certain that No Deal can’t be passed will Parliament is not sitting.
An ERG Conservative MP claimed today that the proposed General Election Day of 14th October can’t stick because it is a Jewish holiday – and he may be right – but it just exemplified how they can’t be trusted on the date.

It’s been strange during the last few days as the language has slipped from ‘our party is the best’ to ‘we must defend the importance of accountability of the executive to Parliament’.
And if Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings think they can turn the debate into the people vs Parliament and be popular, the snap polls suggested they are wrong. He was pressed 3 times on obeying the law, despite saying he would at the second attempt, cos he muttered. his agreement like a six year old who didn’t’t want to say he was wrong.
Corbyn is apparently to suffer a setback cos he won’t yet agree to a General Election, but he should stick with it for fear of a Johnson trick and because the answer – Johnson can’t be trusted – bears repetition.


Anti Prorogation rally and march

Two thousand people took part in this protest against the prorogation of Parliament.
Outstanding speech by Cllr. Angharad Roberts.
Some great wit and colour.
Fuller res. photos available on Facebook.

A march followed.
Then another rally, at which Vernon Coaker MP spoke.
Fuller res. photos available on Facebook.

Vita and Virginia

Went cos I thought I ought to know more about Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf, writers and part of Britain’s radical and feminist history.
Knew the film had lukewarm reviews, but thought it was important to go.
The movie covers the period of their love affair, and the writing of a resultant novel called “Orlando“.
Radical maybe, but also posh (terribly so), and dealing with literature at a level I don’t know about, so yeah, I’m lukewarm about the film too.
But no regrets about going. Too long for some, but there’s a lot to cover.
And beyond the story and the themes covered, great sets, fashion, locations and motor cars. Wiki. Guardian.


On election, the new leader of the Conservative party spoke and made the following claim –
“… if you look at the history of the last 200 years of this party’s existence you will see that it is we Conservatives who have had the best insights, I think, into human nature. ….”
“Between the instincts to own your own house, your own home, to earn and spend your own money, to look after your own family. Good instincts, proper instincts, noble instincts. 
“And the equally noble instinct to share. And to give everyone a fair chance in life. And to look after the poorest and the neediest and to build a great society.”

They’ve gone backwards in the ability of people to own their own home. The emphasis on homes being an investment, rather than ensuring homes are provided for all has led to frustration in providing both private homes and homes for rent.
To earn – Labour in 45-51 getting servicemen back into work; 1997-2008 – 4 million extra jobs.
Great Society” – kinda Cameron like, but we’re now seeing too many people who are ill being asked to work when they shouldn’t and the appeals taking too long. Now we have the concept of the “working poor”.
National Health Service – not even remotely a Conservative idea; they had to make a major show of conversion to the NHS when Winston Churchill gave a speech at The Molineux in 1949.
everyone a fair chance in life” – yet we’ve just seen another Old Etonian to be appointed as Prime Minister.
So much piffle.
(synonyms: nonsense, rubbish, garbage, claptrap, balderdash, blather …)

And from London City Labour Party – Boris Johnson’s record as Mayor of London:
Rough sleeping DOUBLED
£60m WASTED on a cable car
10 fire stations CLOSED
£43m WASTED on the Garden Bridge (Nothing was actually built)
NO ACTION on fuel poverty
Violent crime UP
£40m WASTED on Routemaster buses
Ticket offices SHUT

Anti-Semitism publications by The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn

Just seen a new video and web-page on Anti-Semitism by The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.  

At first pass, it looks like a clear statement to me and something that I can refer to when challenging colleagues who are defending previous events and bad practice.  It provides a direct link for the IHRA code.  

If we in The Labour Party are to join in, we should listen out for bad behaviour in meetings, and watch out for anti-Semitic posts, and report them quickly to the party.  

A clear vindication of those who campaigned on the issue. People should take the opportunity to celebrate a victory rather than qualify it.
See also article by Nadine Batchelor-Hunt.

The first twitter reactions seem to focus on the initiative being too late or, not acceptable until people see a difference, rather than the content being wrong or poor. 
If party members mis-behave now there is a clear statement to refer them to, and a clear encouragement to refer them to the party.

And please, no “Jeremy didn’t have to apologise” comments.
And here, a new presentation on anti-Semitism from David Schneider.

RSE day

Statement signed by the 50 Nottingham Labour city councillors.
Select to expand.

Pleased to support RSE day and to have signed the statement signed by the 50 Nottingham Labour city councillors.
Have been disappointed with the picket at the Birmingham school, organised by people who are mis-representing what RSE education does at Key Stage 1.
Pleased to see the school’s local MP Jess Phillips make a stand there, and standing for “everyone’s equalities”.
Lilian Greenwood MP has been active too, taking part in last night’s Parliamentary debate.
Assuming if school doesn’t teach things, kids won’t know anything else is a very bad assumption – cast your mind back to some of the nonsense your mates told you when you were kids.