Tells a powerful story and asserts a lot of how women were treated at Fox News.
It’s possible some punches were pulled (says The Guardian), and it’s possible more stories from other places should be told.
But I found it compelling and I wish I’d realised more about it earlier than I have.
Go see. Wiki. Guardian.

Holocaust Memorial Day – 2020

All who attended were asked to collect a flower and commit to an action or act of remembrance in return.
So a quick mention for Franz Jägerstätter who featured in A Hidden Life and was killed by guillotine in Austria.

Rosemary Healy, the Lord Mayor, spoke and played viola.

Other memorable points –
1. that the individual acts of bravery against holocaust, appeared as sole acts when often more were involved and needed to be involved;
2. one forgotten act by Georg Elser who tried to blow up Hitler in Munich in 1939;
3. remember the knife attack on 5 Jews in New York in December;
4. anti-Semitism in British political life has been a problem;
5. all communities must denounce anti-Semitism;
6. many Austrians are unaware even of Mauthausen-Gusen, a concentration camp in upper Austria;
7. Many groups of people dies in the Holocaust, and there are other genocides to remember; but we must always remember the mass murder of Jews.

And of course, remember Heather Heyer.

Tony Blair’s total approach

Electric cos it’s a total view rather than here’s a policy idea I just thought of.
This ain ‘t “Freudian fixation”.
It is appreciation of a former leader with something to say, in this instance, 7 tests of what constitutes being radical with a purpose.
And guess what – I don’t agree with it all. But do think we should learn from it.

So what is the analysis?
Don’t go back in time. Do resolve to win – cos that how we enable. what the labour movement wanted from the party. We lost cos we had a leader and a manifesto that voters thought unacceptable.

And the framework?
1. Progressives win from the centre … the centre does not mean the status quo. … redefine “radical”, … fashion a new policy agenda, particularly mastery of a 21st-century technological revolution … and … from that to programmes of social justice and transformation, including on climate change and inequality. 
2. progressive politics works best when in the name of changing the world, we don’t promise the world … For many … our manifesto did not ignite hope. It ignited fear…. Free this, free that. …
3. parties that govern are not the same as protest movements. …. [winning] means appealing to people not living on the breadline, as well as those who are.
4. make it easy for people to come over to you. … our leadership was so sectarian
5. patriotism matters, … its basics … pride in our country; support for the armed forces; being strong on law and order. The progressive view … will add an emphasis on values of tolerance, equality and a commitment to social justice. But the basics can’t be absent.
6. if we denounce our own government’s record, don’t be surprised if the people conclude we shouldn’t be put back into power. …
7. decide whether it’s … about the people or about making us feel good about ourselves.

So what’s to disagree about?
1. the centre kinda is shorthand for the status quo. A better way of talking about it is to develop a new hegemony, much as New Labour did – it was just wrong on tolerance of inequality, housing and constant re-organisation of public services – but this is not a denunciation.
5. George Orwell explained patriotism better (“The Lion & The Unicorn”); but I wonder if there’s something else at play? Something like we’re always providing for those other people who don’t play by the rules. (Recent example – new housing promised in The Meadows will go to I;;heal immigrants.).

My pledges would be 1.NHS; 2. stop austerity cutting jobs; 3. re-claim tax breaks given to bankers and corporations; 4. (something on Europe – but we are such a stale of lux); 5. action on climate change.
What what to say about patriotism or its proxies beyond Blair’s basics? – Tentatively, something like helping the country out – reporting crime; not missing NHS appointments; taking part in in decision making (People’s budgets, registering to vote and voting); and George Orwell’s favourites – avoiding barbarity in the way we write and speak about others (c.f. lampooning); oh, and liking flowers.

Our Opponents attacked us on a Weakness. Go Figure.

A newly circulated graphic with Forrest Gump says – “and just like that anti-semitism wasn’t in the news anymore”.
People don’t get it. 
Jews felt themselves to be the victims of anti-Semitic attacks from Labour Party members. 
Over some time, Jezza apologises for 2 particular instances. 
He makes a general apology in August 2018.
The party acknowledges it as a problem in July 2019. It adopts the code. All after not really wanting to do it. 
So it becomes a symbol of not wanting to support victims of racism.

Then during the General Election, people attack us on a weakness. It’s what happens during a General Election. And our position is made worse cos we don’t repeat the apology already made and don’t look very nice people cos we’re under pressure. 
No amount of what-about-ery fixes this.
And Jezza’s appeal to people, especially young people is diminished, cos he doesn’t come over as the idealist that was his initial appeal on things like standing up to racism. (Same effect can be witnessed on his European Union stance.)

And then some of the apologists for the anti-Semitism circulate a graphic and people on the edge share it. 
No doubt new instances of anti-Semitism will arise. 
But it’s not in the news now because IT WAS A GENERAL ELECTION ISSUE.  
And it could have been fixed way before. 
And do you know what? It will have to be fixed. So get ready to fix it, rather than circulate rubbish like that.

Rude political graffiti

Thanks to local resident and City Councillor Rebecca Langton who has reported new graffiti – rude political graffiti, an instance of which was. shown by the N Post.
I reported an instance on Meadows Way west on 16th September.
The graffiti is not helpful.
I was surprised to see some Post readers celebrate its anti-Brexit message – followed by an exchange of abuse between Remainers and Leavers – kinda bizarre.

“It’s True, It’s True, It’s True”

Cos “It’s True”.
Go see it.
Go see “It’s True, It’s True, It’s True”.

Hey, Nottingham!
Go see it, Go see it, Go see it.
Go see it cos it compels & startles.

Go see it, cos against those cliched defences against rape charges, actually said, and more, victory.

At Nottingham Playhouse.
Last night – Saturday night.
So much more today – TO BE UPDATED.

Supporting the Hong Kong protestors from Nottingham

Angharad Roberts said “Glad to speak at this morning’s rally for #HongKongProtests in #Nottingham. Moving to hear the speeches and songs of so many young Hong Kong campaigners.”

I spoke to say that Britain and Nottingham have worked to develop partnerships with China, but the treatments of Muslims in China and of protestors in Hong Kong iss setting us back.
Thought the Sino-British Joint Declaration leaflet was particularly clear.

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