Greenfields school safety zone

A new venture for Nottingham City, started a week ago and now being tried on for Greenfields school. Parent and carers bringing kids to school by car are requested to travel no further by car, and to bring the children to school on foot or by bike in future. 9 or 10 cars were stoped on the Kirkby Gardens approved and one resident on Orange Gardens reported how the street felt better.
Another barrier across half of the street has been placed on Muskham Street for the southern approach.
the scheme has been made possible by emergency funding from there Government to boost walking and cycling as a response to the public health emergency.

Elsewhere, a scheme for Welbeck school was dropped.
We’d like to help Victoria school and will explore a measure should there be another phase.

Greenfields Community School is a special place

From an Ofsted report following an inspection on the 3rd and 4th of March –

“Many pupils and staff told us how proud they feel of the school. They call Greenfields ‘a special place’. Staff encourage pupils to develop their talents and interests. For example, all pupils in Year 4 learn to play the clarinet. Others enjoy being part of the school band or the ‘mini-police’.
“Pupils often go outside to learn about nature. They grow a lot of produce in the school garden and view wildlife at close quarters. The outdoor spaces are very well developed. This has been recognised through winning the Nottingham in Bloom and East Midlands in Bloom ‘best school grounds’ awards.
“Pupils behave well around school. Pupils told us that they understand what is meant by bullying. They say staff listen and help if they have any worries. Some pupils do not attend school as regularly as they should.
“In lessons, pupils pay attention because they want to do well. We saw pupils of all ages cooperating well when we visited lessons in a range of subjects. They respond well to teachers’ expectations because relationships are warm and supportive. Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6.”

City schools sing for planet Earth

Six songs for planet Earth sung at St.Mary’s in the Lace Market, by 10 Nottingham primary schools, in an afternoon event organised by the Nottingham Music Service (the lead organisation for Nottingham Music Hub; t: @NottMusicHub).
Found our when I bumped into a crocodile of kids from Greenfields from The Meadows walking to the event.
Around 100 parents and carers attended.

Food for Life: Greenfields awarded Gold

A celebration of the end of a two-year phase of Food for Life, aimed at giving primary and secondary school pupils and their families the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to cook, grow and enjoy good quality, affordable food, and to use healthy school meals as a way to improve nutrition for school children.
Greenfields school have reached gold standard.  (I was at a launch event there last year.)
Currently 40 schools have been involved, and I met teams from Our Lady (Bulwell) and St.Augustine’s (Belle Vue).
One of the founders of the project prompted the idea whilst working at a Nottinghashire village school and has recently been recognised by BBC Radio 4 for her influence.

Food for Life awards at Greenfields school

IMG_7218screenshot(530)c0590h Greenfields school Food for Life awards
Recognition for Nottingham City schools catering services, and its efforts to include good local food in the meals they serve.
Recognition too for the caterers at Greenfields school for their work.
Pupils from year 6 showed visitors around the school site, with its award winning garden and feature after feature drawing for the school’s wider aims and being a forest school.
A special day.

Re-opening of Nottingham Midland railway station

IMG_5366b0270h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony plaque IMG_5342b0270h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony LGMP and LM
Nottingham Midland railway station was re-opened to celebrate the new interchange, made light and airy with £50 million of investment.
The Lord Mayor, Sheriff and Lilian Greenwood MP attended.
IMG_5338b0132h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony Greenfields IMG_5353b0132h Nottm Midland reopening ceremony Riverside
Kids from Meadows schools, Greenfields and Riverside, attended.
The Countess invited didn’t, after Budgie the helicopter fell ill.

At school every day

Nottingham City Council is campaigning to increase attendance at schools, including celebrations for children who have attended every day. Headteacher Mr. Smith hosted the session at Greenfields Community School in The Meadows, where the importance of attendance was discussed and issues to tackle in the neighbourhoods were raised.