Campaigning against the cuts in Clifton

With Cllr Steve Young and Cllr Chris Gibson – who also picked up on local casework with residents.

Area 8 committee – December 2018

Lots to talk about.  
Parks: A bid for £55,000 for a £67,000 upgrade of Queens Walk Rec. has been successful.  A new multi-use games area will got on the carpark, an outdoor keep fit gym will be installed where the current half-sized area area exists, the equipment from which we want to move to Arkwright Walk. Works will start in January and the Rec. will be upgraded by Easter.  
Meanwhile, we are seeking to get a play area for the residents of the Narrow Marsh into the plans of the college development, using money from developments in the city centre to cover the cost.
Parking: most of the works for the new safety measures along Robin Hood Way and Old Meadows are done, with new residents’ parking permits to be issued soon.  
Policing: the required comms for the the Police room in the London Road fire station are going in today.  Priority in The Meadows is drugs and a recent raid has captured cannabis worth £45,000.  A behaviour order has been placed on a man causing nuisance around Bridgeway Shopping Centre.  I’ve raised a query about how to get effective and consistent action on obstruction by cars parked on pavement and even across doorways.  Disappointed to hear that The Meadows loses a sergeant, to be replaced with one covering The Meadows and Sneinton.
Nottingham City Homes: environmental works have begun; Bruce Close has recently been finished. 
Waterside development: strategic plans were presented; we should be looking for a new bus service running down Meadow Lane running into Arkwright Walk.  Meanwhile, NCT are to reduce the frequency of the No.3 to half-hourly, with no service after 7pm and on Sundays. 

After the meeting, I heard that the plan to makes a new centre out of Bridgeway Hall has fallen through. 

Area 8 Children’s Services Advisory Board – December 2018

Being re-organised yet again because of the cuts.  
But these meetings are always a reminder of how poverty is hitting in the home, and then witnessed by those we employ to help and care.
And to the usual issues of concern – behaviour management and parenting; and domestic abuse – we now add a third – home conditions including overcrowding.  For which read, lots of extra sofa surfing cos there aren’t enough homes.  And we’ve just finished remarking upon World War 1!  
GDPR is impacting upon the sharing of information between agencies – something which perhaps can be worked out with time.
But more basic arrangements between nurseries and academies are breaking down, even if on the same site. 
Some nurseries are less inclined to use Nottingham College to train their new staff.  
The rate of fines being issued for claiming cheaper or free dental care when not entitled are problematic, and could get worse cos of confusion with universal credit, of which more elsewhere.  

Area 8 committee – October 2018

Community Safety.
Tackling knife crime and drugs: Inspector Walker announced 3 more warrants executed in the last 3 weeks.
Operation Sceptre and under-age knife sales: one premise found to have made such a sale during a recent exercise.
B.T. phone boxes: cos the InLink alternative proposed by B.T. enables phone calls, it’s not clear how they solve the problems caused in The Meadows.  Concerns remain over phone boxes at Arkwright Walk by the sports centre, Queens Walk by the former toll bridge; Wilford Crescent West and Launder Street.
Meadows Police rest room: to be opened up and used in London Road fire station from Monday.

New parking lines to support parking permits and improved visibility on Robin Hood Way: painting takes place in the weeks of 12th and 19th November; this means invitations for residents to apply for permits will go out next week.
Leen Gate cycle route: part along Riverside Way is being implemented now; surprisingly, there still a perception that it costs to park on Victoria Embankment when the RingGo scheme means it is free (you can be charged 20p for a confirmation message but that can be avoided).
Victoria Embankment parking: works for putting new bollards and fencing started today; all the extra signs. to inform people not to park on the grass are erected and the signs are to be enforced straight away.

Developments and Street Scene.
Sand and gravel extraction at Barton-in-Fabis: concern at a late change in the Notts County mineral plan which now envisages extraction between the village and Clifton, instead of Sheldon.
Cresswell site development
: the architect is to meet community activists at Bridgeway Shopping Centre on 30th October.
NCH housing environments: a list of schemes was presented, supported by some wider money for improving NCH housing estate streets.
Nottingham in Bloom: following a recent inspection, OMTRA Cottage Garden and the Terraces  won a grade 5 award.
20181003 202930 sgj3 ab0170h area 8 chat BLURRED_FotorOld Meadows Conservation Area: community reps had a chat with Mark Armstrong who oversaw the Bulwell town centre application.
Trees: a list is to be compiled of pruning required after local representation and also to improve views from CCTV cameras.
Photo –  discussing a conservation area for the Old Meadows after the meeting. 

Clifton North by-election

Turnout was strikingly similar to the Clifton North by-election in April 2014, both on the day and with postal votes.
The result wasn’t – Labour down 7.8%, Conservatives up 11.5%, Nott’m Independents at 11.2% when UKIP were 18.9%.
To which you can acknowledge a 2% national swing away from Labour to Conservatives (and perhaps a Green standing).
No lack of effort from Labour on the day, or in the run-up.
So main story is that we’ve had a second by-election in under 5 years cos a Councillor previously elected as Labour had retired early.
Finally, tragedy for Bus Pass Elvis Party who made national news by beating the Lib Dems then,. but came botton today.  How will he ever live it down?

Nottingham Emmanuel school visit

IMG_7784mb1580h Nottingham Emmanuel School
To start the montage, I wanted to include a photo of the Wilford Meadows school that preceded this new school.  And I couldn’t find one – so what does that say?
Cos, as chair of Elliott Durham, along with Margaret Glen-Bott, we were 3 schools united by challenging circumstances.  But that was a while ago, and the world has changed.
Most emphatically, the campus.
I’ll certainly tell planning committee about these school buildings.  Curved and circular and faced variously in brick, tiles and wood.  Made me proud of the investment in schools we did make when we ran the country..
Clean and big and functional and decorated inside.
Serving loads of kids from The Meadows and growing in popularity.
Orderly and confident inside the walls.  Calm and focussed classrooms.
A chance perhaps to do more with the school on projects like improving The Embankment and the Memorial that the school faces. Maybe even some “customer focus” work for Councillors, like we did with Greenfields pupils some years back.