Nottingham Emmanuel school visit

IMG_7784mb1580h Nottingham Emmanuel School
To start the montage, I wanted to include a photo of the Wilford Meadows school that preceded this new school.  And I couldn’t find one – so what does that say?
Cos, as chair of Elliott Durham, along with Margaret Glen-Bott, we were 3 schools united by challenging circumstances.  But that was a while ago, and the world has changed.
Most emphatically, the campus.
I’ll certainly tell planning committee about these school buildings.  Curved and circular and faced variously in brick, tiles and wood.  Made me proud of the investment in schools we did make when we ran the country..
Clean and big and functional and decorated inside.
Serving loads of kids from The Meadows and growing in popularity.
Orderly and confident inside the walls.  Calm and focussed classrooms.
A chance perhaps to do more with the school on projects like improving The Embankment and the Memorial that the school faces. Maybe even some “customer focus” work for Councillors, like we did with Greenfields pupils some years back.


Area 8 committee – June 2018

WP_20180613_19_09_33_Pro (2) Area 8 mtg ab0220hCrime figures year on year for The Meadows are down, but we all know the challenge is to reduce drug selling, catch those selling and see those guilty of the six knifing incidents prosecuted.
Since the public meeting, on more has been arrested in possession.

The labour market and failing social security are the main causes of crime, but some of the prevention that used to be available including sports, youth club services and dedicated outreach work has been badly diminshed.

Next steps include –
– arresting those committing the crime;
– reversing the cuts (we can only wish);
– better cameras;
– starting up the working day base for the Police at London Road Fire Station;
– encouragin higher use of open spaces, play equipment and the library;
– getting the Meadows Youth Centre going again;
– improving satisfaction with playing fields;
– learning lessons from the latest visit by travellers.
Better co-ordination of the varous public services woud be helpful.

The next NCH common area to be improved will be Mayfield Court.

s106 – VEMG and arkwright Walk football goals.

Financing a new footpath around Victoria school has been agreed; also for re-surfacing Ainsworth Drive.
Environmental works also agreed.


Planning committee – March 2017

Supported a retail park in Clifton and a new supermarket in Bulwell as part of a strategy of encouraging retail near existing town centres, where the public transport is already serving.
New NCH housing in Lenton (on the old shopping centre site) is to have solar pipes (looking like chimneys) as part of revisions bringing detail and decoration to make the homes more attractive.
Turns out the planning team won a regional award for their work earlier this month.

Area 8 committee – March 2017

A meeting packed with content, with a particular long discussion over a plan to extend the quality of housing and housing services provided by private landlord through a new licensing scheme.
The police talked about further measures planned to tackle drug dealing which I’ll expand upon elsewhere.
A programme of £37,000 of investment for Queens Walk Recreation Ground was agreed, although further consultation on the most important to do was agreed.  The money comes from developers (known as section 106 money) and in this case, from phase 1 of the Hicking buildings.  And worth realising that many more people are expected to live in that part of The Meadows which is around Crocus Street.
Also announced the special showing of “I, Daniel Blake” in The Meadows.