Area 8 committee – September 2017

WP_20170913_20_22_22_Pro ab0235h Area 8 committee

Presentations –
– progress on Clifton shopping, and getting ready for thousands of new houses to be built to the south of Clifton;
– updates to the local plan, which show just how much development is planned on the Meadow Lane side of the canal;
– questions on local policing.



Planning committee – March 2017

Supported a retail park in Clifton and a new supermarket in Bulwell as part of a strategy of encouraging retail near existing town centres, where the public transport is already serving.
New NCH housing in Lenton (on the old shopping centre site) is to have solar pipes (looking like chimneys) as part of revisions bringing detail and decoration to make the homes more attractive.
Turns out the planning team won a regional award for their work earlier this month.

Area 8 committee – March 2017

A meeting packed with content, with a particular long discussion over a plan to extend the quality of housing and housing services provided by private landlord through a new licensing scheme.
The police talked about further measures planned to tackle drug dealing which I’ll expand upon elsewhere.
A programme of £37,000 of investment for Queens Walk Recreation Ground was agreed, although further consultation on the most important to do was agreed.  The money comes from developers (known as section 106 money) and in this case, from phase 1 of the Hicking buildings.  And worth realising that many more people are expected to live in that part of The Meadows which is around Crocus Street.
Also announced the special showing of “I, Daniel Blake” in The Meadows.

Karl White retires after 32 years of bringing on young people


Karl has been a youth worker since 1984, has retired and a celebration was held in his honour at Clifton youth centre.
Known in The Meadows for his work at the youth centre, the warmth and affection for him at the event was obvious.
Karl has written a book on his working life and plans to take a lot of pictures during his retirement.
Fuller photos available on Facebook.

Area 8 committee November 2016

Area 8 committee –  stressed continued focus on tackling drug trading related issues; a write-up on roles of the various uniformed officers.

Quite a bit of stuff picked up from public meetings etc. in the last few days.  News & reports –
– Central Library; a statement is available at  .
OMTRA AGM –  – good meeting; plenty of casework collected; as it happens, we think we have 2 spare benches we can find for along Bathley Street;
full council  – continued concern that mentally ill people are being treated badly by the benefits system; if you think you know of someone, make sure they know about MAG;
– cuts – looking like £25 million for next year in our ability to spend on services; not sure we convey this strongly enough;
– Bridgeway shopping centre –
trees: reviewing them again on Monday morning;
– half empty supermarket: officers have received an offer than will see rent paid;
– café: a preferred supplier won on the basis of the quality of their bid; possibly start in February?
Remembrance Sunday
– Arkwright Walk; work around Crocus Fields is now progressing well; Planning committee consider designs for new housing here, and on Blackstone Walk, next Wednesday; ; some changes made since public consultation;

My case number is circa 1770, serving around 737 clients.

Meadows Partnership Trust AGM 2016


A very difficult year for Meadow Partnership Trust, but they’re working at it and their AGM was very well attended (50-60).
Marcellus Baz talked about his boxing school, how boxing was a way out for him from troubles when he was young and the international interest he’s been receiving for his work.
As for MPT, they have a new role in supporting the voluntary sector across Area 8 (The Meadows, Clifton, Wilford and Ruddington Lane) so are looking to change their name and articles to reflect the wider range.  It’s a disappointment, but the cuts are hitting and MPT are fighting to keep something going.