Bridge ward monthly report 81

20180616 Meadows tapestry AMCG gardens from Judy Marsh IMG_1640 aa0640h
A magnificent new Meadows tapestry   – this one celebrating the Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, visited by a delegation from South Korea.
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June started with a public meeting with Lilian Greenwood MP (supported by an extensive status report and write-up). A much better month as extensive Police operations saw a fightback following knifing incidents.

Also working with Lilian when campaigning against the mayhem that’s been brought upon the railways.

Canvassing in Osier Close and Oxbow Close.
Ward walk in the Old Meadows.
Started on 3 new committees – Audit and Licensing, and Pensions.

Some stuff on stories of Nottingham.
A great play  – ShebeenRecognising the Windrush generation.
The Great Central Railway.
A design for a new World War 1 memorial announced.
Restoring property fronts along Carrington Street.
A plaque for the formal setting up of Notts. County F.C. in the George Hotel.

Tried to look to the future too, with ideas on new buildings with timber, urban farming and using heat from Nottingham’s mines.

Sport featured with the international triathlon relay and England developing a new type of organised punch from set plays at the World Cup – against Tunisia, Panama, but not Belgium.  But most importantly, the football getting better cos 8 match officials and video cameras are punishing a lot more of the foul play, and that that continues is getting punished.  Just the time-wasting, aggression against the ref and substitutes running on the pitch to crack.

Pleasant trip to Emmanuel School, becoming more popular.
Nice celebration of an arts event – based on the canal trip – at Queens Walk pavilion.
Nottingham City WI held a garden party in the Barker Gate Rest Gardens they re-planted.

Nottingham City WI Garden Party

IMG_7907mb1145h Barker Gate Rest Gardens wi event
Nottingham City WI have planted 2,000 flowers in Barker Gate Rest Gardens and held a garden party in the renewed gardens, with properly made and served cups of tea, cakes and specialist ice creams.
Meanwhile a promotional event for Independent shops in Nottingham was held.
Photos available.

I thought I would care

100 Theresa May Belgium shirt aa0168h  200 England Belgium match aa0169h  300 England Belgium match aa0168h
As if to emphasise how outmanoeuvred and out-thought we are in Europe, the Belgian PM gives Theresa May a Belgium football shirt before the England match and she doesn’t know what to do.
England did know what to do with largely a second XI, but it became clear that the 3-5-2 system needs exceptional punch to go around a midfield.  The second XI are not as good, but they weren’t that bad, just not exceptional and probably in need of the game.
Before the game, I was adamant we had to win – show no fear of a stronger half of the cup draw and continue the winning habit. After the defeat, the tactic seems wise, although we could have done without weaknesses in the goalkeeping being exposed.

Licensing committee – June 2018

Screenshot (118) ab0500h
Considering drafts of updated policies on gambling and drinks & entertainment licensing, before public consultation, with an extra statement for the cumulative impact of licensed businesses near to each other.
Night-time entertainment employs thousands of people, serving tens of thousands  on the busiest evenings.   It makes Nottingham city centre exciting, but loads has to be done to keep it safe, which is what licensing aims to help achieve.
A saturation zone is recognised for the city centre, and may need to grow as the city centre grows southwards.

Per Rail portrays Nottingham in 1913

WP_20180625_19_44_32_Pro (2) ab0500h
WP_20180625_19_44_00_Pro (2) ab0300h
A book from Edwardian times comprising of a series of articles on cities and towns along the Great Central Line, with 4 pages on Nottingham’s history and the offices, platforms and yards of the freight operations along Queens Walk.
Scans of the pages are available.  Interesting insights into the industries of “Nottingham – the Capital of the Lace World”.