Bridge ward monthly report 83

Main effort has been making reviewing progress made in the ward (see below and mid-month long write-up).
Otherwise. a month of sunshine meant bowls, cricket and the Maasai Cricket Warriors.
In the city centre, restoration, roof-top views and another August car park fire.
Reviewing city centre office block proposed to replace Victorian hotels and offices.
Oh, and Brexit and Trump, again.
STATUS report

Tackling anti-social behaviour and drug dealing: since the public meeting we called with Lilian Greenwood MP on June 1st, the extra Police operations has resulted in 4 warrants executed using the Misuse of Drugs Act.
Parking for local residents: permits for the remainder of the New Meadows, and for Wilford Crescent East, is planned to be introduced by the end of September.  Consultation with OMTRA has modified the introduction of yellow lines to be the minimum necessary to enable bin lorries to pass through junctions.
Improving Bridgeway Shopping Centre: no vacant units. Significant maintenance is planned. We are to update the security cameras. We are consulting on a ticketless parking scheme to give the parking spaces back to shoppers and visitors to the medical centre.
Safer traffic on Robin Hood Way: a speeding enforcement operation took place in June and another is planned for September.  The complaints of speeding has reduced following the jump in parking on the road.  However, extra yellow lines to improve visibility at the junctions will be introduced in September.
Events: dispersing traffic at the end of events has improved, but we are reviewing the noise levels from the Carnival.
Better homes: £200,000 of works to improve the grounds of NCH properties are to be agreed at the next Area 8 committee.  Mayfield Court is the next former warden complex to have their common rooms renewed.
New homes: properties on Arkwright Walk have sold quickly, but construction has slipped (additional work is needed on the road).  The council is planning 18 houses off Ainsworth Drive and 21 flats off Saffron Gardens.
Flats and apartments for young workers and students:350 flats off Crocus Street are well under way.  Designs of 420 rooms for students off Waterway Street West has gone through many iterations to improve their look from The Meadows.  Community activists have met the developers of flats and rooms off Arkwright Street to assess their desirability and impact on The Meadows.
New equipment from Queens Walk Rec.: a full multi-use games area and new keep fit equipment is planned for a February start, subject to a successful financing bid.
Victoria Embankment: knee-high railings are planned to manage the free parking on the former tennis court.
The Memorial: a new memorial holding the names of those who died in the First World War, both at home and abroad, is planned for 2019.  A heritage bid to refresh The Memorial and the Gardens is being prepared.
Pruning trees: £20,000 of works to be done.

A much longer write-up is available.



The Wipers Times returns to music hall

Starting its second run as a play in Nottingham, a home of the Sherwood Foresters, music hall also returns home.  A format used for some of the satire in The Wipers Times, a First World War trenches newspaper, from which the play takes a long deep drink and brings it back to life, making you  laugh and smile throughout.
Go see!

I suspect the play relies heavily on previous knowledge of the war, the 2013 tv drama of the story (one of my highlights of the year), possibly the documentary, and possibly risks being spoiled by the knowledge of “Blackadder goes forth” (and hoping for a Balderick character).
(I remember Jeremy Paxman complaining of treatments of WW1 that suggest the war and the officers were ridiculous, and then told the story of one officer who coloured his face so as not to show fear in the face of an enemy as he went out, stick in hand, no doubt to be shot at from half a mile away.)
Whilst the story is perhaps familiar, I didn’t recall the emphasis on the Temperance Society’s campaign during WW1.  The tv show was probably better at explaining how the idea to publish developed.

I was told that the engineering duties of these members of the 12th Battalion meant they had more time on their hands during the day and hence their ability to produce the newspaper.  The play makes it clear how so much material was provided from soldiers across the front, who no doubt had time to fill, paper to write on and news to share.   I wonder whether they’d have made better use of Facebook?

Another Stoney Street car park fire

IMG_9299 (2)
Shame for the vehicle owners as fires burn out cars on level 2 of Stoney Street / Kings Walk NCP car park for the second time in 13 months, this time at the Stoney Street end.
Including bay 32 , where we often parked our car before city centre living made us realise we didn’t need it anymore.
Have been fed up with NCP recently, since there was a spate recently when the fire alarm at the car park went off nearly every evening for 2 or 3 weeks.  My suspicion is they don’t employ enough people to look after their sites, but equally, it has improved recently, they did phone through to say they were doing more to reduce the instances to false alarms, and last August’s fire turned out to started from within a car (electronics fault).
I hope NCP can be more thorough on cleaning the car park this time – it smelt of smoke for months after last time.

Restoration of Birkin Building

IMG_9272mc0775h montage Birkin building restoration
Broadway, Lace Market.
Heritage funding is meeting part of the cost.
The brick, stone, curves and decoration are combined to make a beautiful building over 100 years ago.
Main part of the weathering of the building is the wind.
There are signs of poor maintenance, and examples of repairs such as rendering with painted brick patterns.
3 parapets(?) have had balconies removed from the top of them.

England’s 1,000th test

IMG_9194mb0573h Trent Bridge cricket ground England India test match 5th day
For the second time ever, I’ve gone to an England – India test match for a fifth day for free, cos the outcome was obvious and likely not to last very long.
but this time, I was able to watch from the new Bridgford Road end and, and it was a pleasure.
I’ll not complain about the cost of watching test cricket, cos it’s clear people are willing to pay.  Nor, of the intent to charge £10 for the fifth day, retracted in the morning after they’d reflected on their original decision.
I bought  programme as a gesture to the free entrance, and here’s a fature shoing a grpahic portrayin the previous 99 tests in 2 pages, with the 2 previous wins on the bottom right hand corner – against Pakistan!  I want my money back.

At the start of a Trent Bridge test match


Test matches are great events and good for the city.
Less dressing up than I’ve seen before as spectators arrived.
But previously, the joy has been a tad at the expense of The Meadows, whose residents lost their car parking and their streets to cars of the visitors.
WP_20180818_11_32_11_Pro ab0200h Eugene Gardens
Well, not this morning.  All the parked cars this morning had permits and residents could be sure that when they came back from their trips, their usual space was waiting for them.
Good, yeah.
Except I’ve had recurrence of previous concerns pointed out – damage to the ornate iron work on the Trent Bridge, trip hazards on the NCH land, tipping, back gardens in need of clearance; and a new one, huge outbreaks of sprouting thorny twigs from the Robinia trees that were cut down a year or so back.