OMTRA – July 2018

WP_20180717_20_54_19_Pro (2) ML end of OMTRA mtgReports on parks and police matters.

Folowing a complaint about tipping in private alleyways behind houses not being enforced by uniformed officers, may well explore being quicker to clear such waste and to charge property oweners for the service.



Talk on Victoria Embankment

WP_20180717_19_40_18_Pro (2) ML Eddie Curry pres on VEmb
Eddie Curry, Parks Manager, gave presentations on investments in Victoria Embankment, tackling current issues regarding use and abuse of the parks and plans to put a memorial to matk the centenary of the end of the first world war.
Opponents of the new memorial argue for the integrity of the 1927 design of the gardens, yet then call for the erection of a former one-sided door frame in the gardens, whilst saying the listing of names of the fallen from 100 years ago can be served by the installation of QR code plates on public benches.  Not good enough.
erection of Q

The 36% needs to be the target

So I was hoping for that Euphonium ridicule march tune to be used this weekend, but the idea was floated too far back, so the comedy awards for the Trump visit goes to women dressing as characters from the TV series.
Astonishing then to see Theresa May in that long red dress.
But it seems sympathy is needed to cos being held by the hand in such an aggressive way is yet another form of sexist oppression.
On the other hand, she did invite him for an official visit.
Trump sought to crystallise how May’s Brexit white paper is not Brexit at all, even though logic says – No, we’re still leaving the EU.
The baby blimp was great.  Not least because of how supporters reacted.
If May was a loser from the visit, so was Piers Morgan.
Maybe I should spend time listing all the reasons why what Trump and his supporters are wrong, but of course, that was Sadiq Khan’s job to do that as he was picked out (after the attacks on Merkel and May) for failing London.  Yep, Trump is anti-women and anti-muslim.
Not so sure about the fascist attack line from the left generally, cos fascism is something more precise.
Anyway, the challenge remains persuading that 36% core of American people who support him no matter what.