Bridge ward progress report 43

A graphic summary of current issues across Bridge ward.

Nephew trumps uncle, again

Seven years before I get to see Shrewsbury City United beat a top flight club.
For the nephew, six games.
Twenty seven years after joining the Labour party before I get a chance to speak on TV.
Screenshot (471)C0498h BBC wales Tom passage
For the nephew, two.
I’m not bitter.
Turns out the sub-titlers can’t understand his accent either.
Tom’s on BBC Wales “The Wales Report – Youth People’s Debate” afer 16m30s.

Meadows local election hustings

Called relatively late and after the publication of “Meadows Matters”, it’s understandable that attendance was not very high for an event that the Liberal Democrats, for the second consecutive Bridge election, failed to attend.
Ten people attended, the format was one of candidates visiting residents at 5 separate tables and questions asked included –
– plans for Bridgeway shopping precinct;
– the regeneration of Arkwright Walk;
– the viability of the 48 bus services after the introduction of the extended tram services;
– recognisng the impact of cuts in youth services;
– the value of Police Community Support Officers;
– valuing football as well as cricket on the Meadows Recreation Ground;
– providing more council housing.

Two big points I want to make after the discussions.
1. We want to build more council housing.
We want more council housing because the rents are lower than those of registered social landlords and private landlords; and we want it for that sake – rather than to see some people then buy those properties, leaving less opportunity for those who need a home.
2. Our aspirations for The Meadows come from our political values.
UKIP supporters and Independents seem bewildered that we wanted to tackle the most unpopular housing in The Meadows, or invest in our parks and sports facilities to make them more popular, or to serve the people of The Meadows with an improved public transport system.
Our values – Green and Socialist.
We’d do more if we can get a change of government. Indeed, the £200m investment in The Meadows was cut by the new ConDem government in 2010 and our MP Lilian Greenwood had to save the decent, warm and modern council housing improvement programme.