Full Council – January 2020

Six of Nottingham Labour’s new Councillors

Regional media interest because of the declaration of a climate emergency and agreeing a charter for Nottingham to become Carbon Neutral by 2028.

We adopted a new Local Plan, but with some discussion about whether office and shopping studies from 2014 and 2015 not already being out of data. I briefly mentioned the Cattle Market.

New polling districts and polling places were agreed, but I spoke out about the poor state of the register with so many not registered, the expense of compiling it when national lists already exist, the use of an out of date register to define the cards, the threat of reduced Parliamentary representation for Nottingham because of the under-registration, the threat to turnout by requiring i.d. when voting (based on a panic generated by the Right), and the unwillingness to even explore Estonia’s use of internet voting, which saw 44% or participants using the internet to cast their vote in their elections last yea. We should care more, much more.

The Conservatives called for the Knife Angel to be hosted in Nottingham – I spoke against. If we must have statues, let them be to Austerity and Private Greed in the neighbourhoods that voted for it.


Season's Greetings from MyNottingham

I want to say Christmas is cancelled.  
Of course isn’t, but certainly I’ve struggled to find the joy – or a special design – for this year.
Instead, top marks to the MyNottingham (Nottingham City Council’)s design team who’ve come up with 4 striking designs.
I think the one of the deer – I presume at Wollaton Park – is just stunning.
So happy holidays from me, even though there are still 4 meetings to go.

Full Council – November 2019

On knife crime, asked colleagues not to support the knife angel being installed in Nottingham.
On the Council Plan, remained colleagues that a new Labour Gov’t might set targets and challenges that require fast implementation of of electrification of Midland Main Line, a rail solution to reach Gedling, a NET extant ion. to an A52 Gamston Park & Ride, and commuters services to Derbyshire from Long Eaton and Sutton to improve.
On financial stability for British people, explained how we needed a much better labour market.
On Kashmir resolution, recognised how Britain would be playing a role in the reaching a peace that will be needed; and asked people to learn from our own Troubles, to reflect on how peace was achieved and complained that people were letting the peace slip away.

Looking forward to November 2019

Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 1st, 4pm – 5:30pm;
Remembrance Sunday, The Memorial; 10th, 10:45am;
Full Council, The Council House; 11th, 2pm – 5pm;
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 15th, 4pm – 5:30pm; 
OMTRA AGM, Meadows Library; 19th, 7pm.
Planning committee, Loxley House; 20th, 2:30pm;
Your Choice, Your Voice – agreeing ward plan of action, QWCC; 26th, 6pm – 8pm;
Ward walk, from Bridgeway Shopping Centre; 28th, 11am;  
Enviroenergy; 28th, 4pm;
MOzES AGM, at church hall at junction of Lamcote Grove and Bathley Street; 28th, 6:30pm;  
OMTRA public meeting on conservation area; 30th, 10am – 2pm.

Planning committee – October 2019

Some surprise during the consideration of a new Bridewell (police centre for detainees, as opposed to prisoners), that public concerns had not been sufficiently addressed in evidence submitted; a point that became clear after ward Councillor Toby Neal’s presentation.
Many of the points to be covered are outside of the remit of Planning law, so the committee resolved to write a letter. Meanwhile, despite some clear evident of thought and consideration, still questions to be answered in terms of landscaping, supporting bees, using green technology, cycling and walking.
N Post report

A car wash in Bulwell has been causing problems for residents and a new permission is to be granted in a manner that allows environmental health officers to check compliance on lower noise levels (using the right water pressures and nozzles).