Full council – May 2018

20180514 full council ab0325h
A new Lord Mayor and Sheriff; and freedom of the city for HMS Sherwood.
I’m now Chair of the Audit committee.
IMG_7046 (2) OMS save our schools CllrCT CllrRH CllrMS CllrTN CllrCA CllrJC CllrLW CllrNR MME
A motion against cuts in funding for our children’s education was carried.


Ken Williams

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Ken Williams served as a Nottingham City Councillor for Greenwood ward and then Dales ward.
A dedicated husband to Steph and a family man.
A teacher.
A campaigner for the Labour Party.

David Mellen  Ken was a great co-councillor and so patient and kind with constituents, dedicated to improving things for Nottingham people and a loyal campaigner for the Labour Party.  An honour to call him a friend.

Josie Tanvir  Ken was a kind, clever, funny man, and a wholly conscientious councillor.  I remember his wry humour and dry wit with much affection.

Penny Griggs  Ken was a truly wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor. He was active in the Labour Party, being Treasurer of Nottingham East from 2005 to 2013.

Emma Lowton  A wonderful, warm, kind, funny man.

Mo Munir  Ken was wonderful man; we both got elected in same year.  I remember his company in The Council House Members Room.

Mohammed Saghir  Ken was nice gentleman, very helpful

Helen Skinner  Ken and Steph ran Gordon’s campaign which resulted in him taking the seat off Tuck, the Tory and becoming Councillor for Greenwood . Such a nice guy.

Asif Maqsood  Ken was a wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor.
Rachel Greatrix  Lovely genuine man who was always worth listening to.
Lilian Greenwood  Ken was warm and funny and it was a pleasure to campaign alongside him.
Anne Peach  I’m so sad to hear this news.
Katrina Bull  He was a lovely man, one of the first councillors I met in my early years in Nottingham, when I was trying to win selection.  Truly a fair and generous man.

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Area 8 committee – February 2018

Area 8 received presentations on –
–          proposed RingGo to protect Bridgeway Shopping Centre for shopkeepers, shoppers and residents, against commuters;
–          individual travel planning for the south-east of The Meadows;
–          the new building between Meadows Way that has started, about to start or is under consideration (over 1,000 properties);
–          ideas for the use of  Section 106 money from that building that can be used for school places,  the environment or parks and open spaces that are related to the actual developments.

The committee agreed –
–          support for the NCT no. 11 bus again needed to be pushed;
–          fencing and environment works on streets including nearer to the new bungalows that have been built;
–          to proceed with consultation on the RingGo proposal, mindful of the special needs of shops like the hairdressers;
–          that s106 money should be used to improve the Memorial Gardens;
–          that the list of ideas be agreed, and that we should add consideration of a MUGA for Arkwright Walk, and the restoration of metal railings along the boundary of the bund between London Road and Meadows Way (east) which like the story poles down Queens Walk.
Area 8 s106 ideas ab0732h

Full Council – January 2018

Celebrating Robin Hood Energy going into surplus this financial year; reviewing impact of Carillion going into liquidation; reviewing concern over local hospitals going into “opal 4” status; asking gov’t to do more about homelessness; objecting to the re-warding of Nottingham that includes dividing The Meadows.

See a statement on outsourcing by Cllr. Graham Chapman in the comments section.

Residents parking scheme comes in

Meadows TRA aa0757h
The order is now in force.
Permits should be out, but if you have applied and not received one, get in touch.

Following the lining being painted and the permits notices being installed, have had another complaint about parking on Wilford Crescent East and Robin Hood Way, which clearly shows the permit scheme is having an effect – and we’ve not even started enforcement which is now due on March 27th.
On Wilford Crescent East, not enough space for residents, especially when Forest are playing at home.
Robin Hood Way issues now appear to be –
– parking on grass, particularly proximate to tram stop;
– parking near Soudan Drive junction obscuring pedestrians’ view; we’re proposing extra signage, but a resident, who uses a disability scooter, can’t see well enough;
– parking (possibly not legal) too near to inbound Thrumpton Drive bus stop is stopping NCT buses getting in to serve less mobile passengers properly;
– heavy parking near the Houseman Gardens junction, which is causing some alarm to older people seeking to cross the road; (I’ve also received a suggestion of more yellow lines around that junction);
We will consider all possible changes that might be needed after implementation of the permits in full.

Victoria Embankment bandstand damaged by fire

davVery disappointing.
The council and others have invested heavily along Victoria Embankment in recent years – a new cricket pavilion, street lighting along the resurfaced carriageway, a parking system to prioritize local shoppers and park users – this fire is a big step back.
We are about to put better pavements in behind the bandstand and are planning a mini-road system for kiddies to learn to cycle.

The fire started at the bandstand at approx. 2.30am this morning.
The Fire Brigade attended and extinguished the fire.
An individual has been arrested.
A crime scene team were to visit.
The council’s parks officer was to visit with a Structural Engineer and the site will be fenced off.
Initial perception is that the back rooms are badly damaged, but the damage to the front is more superficial – but we await a proper inspection.
The bandstand is Grade 2 Listed (“built in the Moderne style and is particularly unusual and progressive for its date, … bold in design and appearance”), and is insured.

We now wait to properly know –
– the cause of the fire and the motivation behind it;
– the status of the bandstand’s structure.
It seems any restoration will need better lighting and security, but we should also explore the quality of the support facilities for performers.

News from late Friday check – Initial view is that the structure is sound, so will be looking at repairs – but I think we have to consider enhancements to make the building more secure and support better events

Also, N Post report.