All Aboard: The Canal Trip is unrealistic

… and otherworldly.
IMG_0775b0174h BBCtv 4 All Aboard The Canal Trip title IMG_0776b0174h BBCtv 4 All Aboard The Canal Trip canal name
Mis-managed my sleep and fell asleep during a worthy programme on the Lake District; imagine my confusion waking up to “All Aboard! The Canal Trip” – soundtrack of babbling water to pictures of a journey along a canal.

Of course, it’s better than that, and I missed its initial broadcast (just before the election) when the reviews came out. The Independent reviewed the reviews – with the mix of “boring” and innovative.
It’s unrealistic cos you don’t hear the boat – and so this sensation of low-level flying is developed; a kind of flying that seems faster than the actual 8 miles covered in 2 hours in a single unedited shot.
Surprisingly gripping.

Only Connect

IMG_0500b0452h bbc2tv only connect
I enjoy this BBC tv quiz series anyway, but this episode was special as I have met one of the contestants. Indeed, its transmission has been in my diary, and was rewarded when my acquaintance / facebook friend won the quiz with “Euphonium”.
The first three rounds are usually good, with the answer to one of the questions in this episode being “Deal au Noh Deal”. I find the fourth round (missing vowels) undermines the effort made in the previous three.

Labour won 70 years ago

The famous 1945 victory, cited recently as potential inspiration to win again on a radical programme, here remarked upon on BT website.
150726 a0727h 1945 Labour victory bt article
Article makes enjoyable reading.
Mistake the article makes is to ignore how the experience of the war – people being more equal in action and having confidence in planning working – were important. Social changes rather than a simple commitment to a welfare state.