Tony Blair will vote Labour in the European elections

I will vote Labour, because I believe ultimately that Labour will be counted on the anti-Farage side of the ledger. The bulk of Labour party members, MPs and voters are against Brexit and certainly against that Brexit advocated by the Brexit party and its fellow travellers in the Conservative party.
Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, has advocated a people’s vote. Most of Labour’s candidates are strongly remain and the voting system in the EU elections – proportional representation by region – means effectively that a bigger Labour vote means more remain MEPs, especially since the three avowedly remain parties are not under one banner.

Tottenham Glassjaws grasp privilege to lose in European Cup final

Liverpool came from 3-0 down to beat Barcelona at home in a European Cup semi-final and Tottenham Hotspur came from 3-0 down at half-time away to Ajax of Amsterdam to win on away goals in the 6th minute of added time.
Being English teams, both comebacks were declared to be about character. Especially since Arsenal and Chelsea won their semi-finals to create the first instance of all contenders in both European finals coming from one country – England.
Except, the teams are commendably international – perhaps Spurs having the most English internationals; none of the team managers are English and 2 of the clubs are foreign owned.
I’ve followed Tottenham since I was 7, first saw them when I was 9, and they became my 2nd preference when I was 11 and old enough to watch Salop on my own. I from time to time refer to Spurs as Tottenham Glassjaws and had resolved not to listen to the Ajax game cos I knew there was no point. So guess who I think will win the Liverpool final! (And I was at the 7-0 thrashing in 1978.)
So what to celebrate? That Deli flick, yes.
But that Liverpool corner. That I did hear, or kinda didn’t, cos the smug commentators, who were soon to point out that Barcelona defenders were sleeping, missed it as well.

Lexit cost us votes

Here it is folks.
They have gone from “stand for what you believe in” to triangulation politics …
and we’ve done it in the worst possible way – it’s cost us votes.
Cos our national Lexit (Brexit) statements has cost us votes in the areas where Brexit was stronger … 

And it’s not crossed peoples’ minds that the Labour voters who were Remain in these seats (and remember, the majority of those Labour voters in those seats were Remain) have not voted for us and not voted fro us in larger numbers.  

Just how will a May-Corbyn deal – without a reference back to the public, and with only minority support from Labour party members – just how will such a deal look like now, and look like from the future?
And remember all those speeches from the past – “comrades, we say, no compromise with the Tories”.  
Now we have – the negotiations are going well, especially on workers’ rights.

Featuring alongside Billy Bragg

Oh, what that could have meant …
Duetting on “Lover’s Town Revisited” which was on my Radio Nottingham featured 8 tracks.
Having him sing my updated version of his “Days Like These” – “liking Facebook is not enough ...”.
Instead, we’re both in a Guardian video. He’s saying he’s not sure about another referendum and wants a peoples’ assemblies. I’m saying we need to learn from Ireland on how to do a referendum for a result we can all get behind.

The editor cleverly has a man saying people are saying they know when they don’t, then Billy Bragg saying we need an People’s Assembly, then me saying we probably need a 3 option vote, but don’t know how to safely do it, and then the street cleaner saying put the 5 best speakers on a platform to lead a decision.

Billy Bragg, at 3:24, 26 seconds –
“I don’t support People’s Vote. I think it will be divisive. I would prefer, rather than having a referendum, that we have a People’s Assembly, so that we can debate the issues, we can all have our voices heard and come to a decision through deliberation rather than a one-day winner-takes-all referendum cos what we need to get out of this is some kind of consensus and a People’s Assembly will start the process of bringing people back together again.”
then me at 3:50, 43 seconds –
“I think one of the genuine problems is that I don’t know how you carry a referendum that isn’t one or the other. And yet it feels like that’s what we need.
People who want to come out as quickly as possible deserve an option.
The people who actually think May has done the best she can and they deserve a voice [option].
And those of us who felt … our future is properly in Europe – we feel we deserve a voice [option] as well, … so how do you safely conduct a 3 option ballot, cos I don’t know how to do that and what I am impressed by is places like Ireland where they’ve had the referendum and they’ve made processes on how to pose the question and then get an answer that people can accept.”

I’m also recorded talking about poverty –
At 2:38, for fifteen second –
“There’s new kinds of poverty.
And it’s time people woke up and realised just what’s going wrong in our society,
cos in 10, 15, 20 years’ time, we’ll all be saying why didn’t we do something about it,
and we’ll have to do the whole Blair – Brown thing all over again.

Put it to the People March

Nice to be with friends.
Nice to be with EU supporters.
Nice to do a video.
Nice to read the placards.
Nice to represent Mel Read, former MEP, on the march.

Higher res. photos available.

Transcript of a video published by “Labour for a Public Vote”
I think I’m here today cos I’m carrying this enormous grievance.
I feel bad about the way we lost the referendum.
turns out that those who won the referendum feel bad about it as well.
The only way we’re gonna sort this out – cos the MPs have all got their own values, their own convictions – they haven’t got a majority for anything – we’re going to have to have another vote. 
Whether it’s a confirmatory ballot, or a ballot with three options, I don’t know, but we need change.
And I wanted to be with the people today who want to express that view.
I hear we’re here a million strong – fantastic there’s 4 million signed the petition.
And this is for the people.