Ward Walk – March 2018

Checking around Arkwright Walk and ending on Willersley Drive, where new housing is being made available to their new owners in the next 2 days.


Ward Walk – February 2018

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In the south-west of the New Meadows.
Neighbours wanting to smarten the neighbourhood enjoying the Centrelink buses now they stop along Meadows Way (near “ng2”); a pleasant nine-month old dog; and the new housing, including on Bosworth Walk, awaiting snagging works for pavements, fencing and planting.

Meanwhile, uniformed officers dealing with a difficult situation nearby recently, received recognition from the Chief Constable.
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Screenshot (841) NeMTRA AGM ab0363h
Congratulations and thanks to retiring Chair Pat Thomas who has served as an officer for the residents association for many years.
Pat in turn thanked Lilian Greenwood MP for her work.

Local Police announced crime is up locally, then that a merger between Police and the Fire Brigade would allow local Police to run a contact point from the London Road Fire Station; oh and then that a new Bridewell will be built somewhere in Radford.  Perhaps better to wait for official confirmation, or otherwise,  of these points.

21 residents attended.  Bel Edis is the new Chair.


Arkwright Walk and Blackstone Walk building sites

Went on a walk of the 8 building sites with Keepmoat who have now started construction on site B, the site nearest the railway station.
Site A is the Blackstone site and the others progress along Arkwright Walk alphabetically north – south.

Note, piling will take place on all sites and starts on Site B on August 14th,

The dates for construction are –

Site B
Works commence July 2017
Works complete April 2018

Site A
Works commence November 2017
Works complete September 2018

Site F
Works commence March 2018
Works complete November 2018

Site G
Works commence April 2018
Works complete December 2018

Site E
Works commence June 2018
Works complete February 2019

Site D
Works commence July 2018
Works complete April 2019

Site C
Works commence August 2018
Works complete August 2019

Site H
Works commence February 2019
Works complete May 2020