Shooting at Bridgeway Court last night

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The Police are investigating the shooting of a man outside Bridgeway Court, a small block of flats at the junction of Kirkewhite Walk and Arkwright Walk.
Anyone who knows anything should report what they know to Notts Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
We have been making big progress on crime in The Meadows and we will not let such behaviour stand. There will be extra uniformed presence, but this incident is unexpected and out of character.
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Chris Leslie MP takes on the apologists for the rich

That Newsnight debate in full –
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[Apologist for the rich] If it’s ridiculous that Adele is to get child benefit, then it’s ridiculous that Paul McCartney get’s a winter fuel allowance!

[Chris Leslie] So would you say the same for the NHS?

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[Chris Leslie] You shouldn’t separate out universal benefits from a progressive tax system.

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[Beveridge, 1942] My plan for social security in Britain is to expand and combine our existing separate schemes into one scheme … which will secure, on condition of working and contributing, an income sufficient for subsistence of himself and his family, when he cannot work – through sickness, accident, unemployment or old age.

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[British soldier, Second World War]. This is our country and if there is injustice and inequality, it’s our fault for allowing it. We should vote for MPs who will do the job.

Saghir Akhtar is looking elsewhere

The latest Lib Dem Leaflet in Leen Valley makes very clear that the former Bridge Lib Dem Councillor is now looking elsewhere.
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The Lib Dems are still the wet hens of British politics, and you see it in Nottingham.
Not knowing the facts concerning city centre development.
Complaining about mtce. issues that their Gov’t won’t find money for.
And making out they’re chasing on some poor quality street lights in one particular street when the whole city stock is currently being replaced.

Skyfall is unrealistic

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Once again, the world of action movies fails to understand the railways. It seems the rear end of a train can be ripped off and the driver wouldn’t notice.
In the worst travesty since Mission Impossible, a member of staff is found in a rear cabin of a tube train, and is then reluctant, despite all the customer care training, to open a door to help a passenger in danger, seemingly deciding to sit and gawp instead.
Other than that, the film is quite good, but then I thought Quantum of Solace was the best Bond movie ever, so who am I judge.