Labour win Meadows ward

A 46% share majority, nearly a thousand votes, on a 33% turnout (around 4 points above the city average).
The Conservatives came last.

Celebrated the nature of the win in my speech, but also pointed out how badly the Conservatives had cone across the city, and it was time they spoke up for Nottingham rather than supporting the direction of government money to Surrey.

Eunice, Terry, Jane, Nicola, Sue, myself and Lilian,

Also thanked the many helpers, organised by Terry and Eunice Regan.

Paddy visits Arkwright Walk

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Canvassing in the streets in The Meadows most affected by drug dealers and users in the last few months.
There is a multi-agency day of action on the forthcoming Wednesday in the neighbourhood.
All following a public meeting with Lilian Greenwood MP and a major uniform initiative – after a series of knifing wounds inflicted by dealers upon dealers.
IMG_8456 bb0759h DRAFT Arkwright Walk leaflet w QWRec half-MUGA
We had a special leaflet printed, to help seek opinions including a possibility of re-used play equipment for the neighbourhood.
Plans for investment in parks elsewhere in the city might release a 3 sided fence which includes a goal, a basketball hoop and a cricket wicket.
But it needs a kinda 22 yard by 12 yard piece of tarmac, so there is a cost.  If we can find the money, we’d like to offer this “half-muga” for the neighbourhood, either to the west of the play area on Arkwright Walk, or to the south.
Crudely, the play-area would continue to serve toddlers and younger children, and the “half-muga” would serve teenagers.
Response on the doors was positive, including from older residents.

Paddy found one home that was still displaying a “vote Labour” poster from last year’s General Election; he spoke to a number of residents about policing matters.
Nicola and I picked up some general case-work.


Bridge Labour Party newspaper spring 2016

Crime is down; policing in Nottingham needs a different focus; still making improvements in The Meadows.
How Nottingham benefits from Britain’s membership of the European Union.
Crime reduction in Nottingham city; national government directing money away from Nottingham.
Celebrating strong communities in The Meadows;  how to contact your elected representatives.

Lilian calling in Narrowmarsh

Calling on the estate of Cliff Road, Shortwood Close and Harnett Close.
– Pleasure at action taken to clear the playing field.
Concern over plans to take field away and with proximity of proposed new road.
– Many already contacted by a proposed Residents Association to replace the neighbourhood watch.
– A number of hedgerows and trees have been allowed to grow so as to walking on pavements has been hindered.
– Protection for Lime trees.
– Parking problems are generally tacked by permits, save for one complaint.
– A couple of properties feel the bathrooms need improving.
– Can more be done for recycling?
– Mixed views on Britain’s membership of the EU.
(For me, the proximity of BioCity was another reminder of why remaining in is important for jobs and prosperity.)

Listening out for issues at Muslim Centre

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With Nicola, listening out for issues and ideas outside the Meadows Muslim Centre.
Points raised included –
– lorries taking detours through residential streets;
– problematic street tree;
– hackney carriage hailing arrangements at Midland Station;
– opportunities for start-up businesses within The Meadows;
– some instances still of Islamophobia in threatening ways; and frustration too when these are not reported to the Police.