Bridge ward monthly report 41

IMG_5893b0505h Queens Walk young Queen Vic story pole
On the face of it, some achievements this month –
– the last of The Meadows story poles installed, and a tour of all twelve to celebrate;
– 3 veteran oak trees saved;
– 20 mph speed limits introduced;
– public support for a new £500,000 cricket pavilion for the Meadows Recreation Ground;
– a bid readied and presented for £5,500,000 of improvements for Victoria Embankment and the Meadows Recreation Ground.
But there are critics – including the local newspaper – and I suppose if this was easy, there’d be more volunteers to hold the role.

National politics is still in a stale funk, and made worse by MPs pay being an issue again.

Problems with the low pay, low hours and low job security remain and remain low profile. Not much profile for the growing problems with GPs either. Controversy over lower rates of voter registration.

Still when you’re chewing on life gristle …

Actually, progress on the construction of the tram lines does continue to disappoint.

1312 issues and concerns raised for tracking.
For reasons I can’t particularly explain, the daily rate of visits to this website reached a high this month.

Four Yorkshiremen sketch re-visited

Spending some very passable time with a Yorkshire woman (and proud of it) in her early twenties, I think to make a humorous reference to the “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch, but am stopped in my tracks by the claim that she’s never heard of it.
Four-yorkshiremen-sketch b0210hI mean “wow!”
Never heard of it!
Never heard of the “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch!
What d’yer do?
1. change the subject, cos you realise you really are getting that old;
2. say they don’t make comedy like they used to;
3. move on, rather than recite the sketch, cos the young people of today wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Save the NHS

IMG_6036b0200h ClN canvassing LGMP
Testimony as to why private insurance seen elsewhere in other countries can cause problems, concerns as to availability of GP appointments and demands that the NHS is saved.
Lilian Greenwood MP explained the nature of Labour’s pledge to use a new ‘mansion tax’ to fund extra nurses and doctors so that staff have time to care.


Well, of course, all elected councillors and maybe even some candidates get exultant, outstanding praise at some stage.
(I’m sure I have, at some time; can’t quite remember when, but it will come.)
IMG_6039b0490h ClN canvassing LGMP
For Lilian, big praise for a resident who’d needed her help on a matter that had been dragging on for years.
IMG_6029GPac0165h CLC LGMP and manifesto pledges B-7fS4bWkAAu83r
IMG_6030b0177h ClN dogs eats lemon fruit pastille
Labour had been campaigning in the north-east end of Clifton estate.
Promoting its new Nottingham Labour campaign pledges.
And joined by the campaigning dog, who, having demanded a fruit pastille to chew, cos everyone else had one, realised it was his duty to finish, rather than leave on the street.
IMG_6029GPba0111h CLC LGMP and campaigners B-7fS8NXAAE9Yuo

Say you tried

IMG_4619c0283h BBCtv Joy Division doc Ian Curtis say you tried
A recent BBC / Facebook package tries to tell your life story through events.
It couldn’t know that I was at Joy Division’s last concert.
The abiding memory – how the music took you away.
BBC 4 tv broadcast a 2007 documentary (called “Joy Division”) which told so many compelling stories.
(Was it the first television broadcast?)
“Joy Division in particular, Factory in general, Ian’s story … is one of the last true stories in pop. There are very few true stories in a business dominated pop culture.”
IMG_4605comp0608h Peter Saville quote from joy division documentary
Peter Saville’s statement at the end says loads.
Paul Morley says Joy Division had “an integrity, something you could believe in, something that didn’t seem just for the money, for the career; it was anti-[music]-industry. … Joy Division … explains some of the rules of what it is to be cool.”
The Guardian review celebrates the film in the context of both “Twenty-Four Hour People” and “Control”.

Wilford Community Group cttee meeting

IMG_4555b0110h wcg cttee meeting LGMP
A quick note to refer to the kind of routine work Lilian Greenwood MP does.
Not a public meeting either, so some main points.
Flooding from the River Trent: the vulnerability of a part of Wilford whose defences are lower than elsewhere, but only with a 1% chance of being breached in every year, was reviewed with an officer from the Environment Agency. The news, there are places with lower protection (2% chance of defences being breached) and even if investment is granted, it’s only to a 1.3% chance of a breach.
Flooding from Fairham Brook: recent improvements in protection in Silverdale brought about through NET works, and the general level of protection, may not be being properly recognised by insurance companies.
Tram running over the Old Toll Bridge: continued anxiety about how trams will interact with cars, cycles and pedestrians, especially at the end of the school day; NET remain confident that this will work out and are doing education work as part of the current implementation; but it’s not a bad thing for community activists to keep an eye out.
The Old Toll Bridge itself: some surprise at the impact of a new hand rail on top of the western walls of the bridge – does kinda look odd.
Highway litter: Nottingham city’s claim to be the cleanest city is rather undermined by the state of the verges and land controlled by the Highway Agency, most particularly around Clifton Bridge and the Silverdale roundabout.