Bridge ward monthly report 68

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v170531 1715 aa1764hA bit of a struggle to keep up with posting stories during a General Election campaign.
Main story is the attack on Manchester, for which both a minute’s silence and a vigil was held.
Big welcome for the new play equipment on The Green; bins and goalposts to follow.
A series of improvements planned for Queens Walk Rec.
Big issue is dealing at various locations across The Meadows.
Some consultation needed on extension of parking permits and need to review Robin hood Way to give pedestrians greater confidence for crossing the road.
Improvements planned for Meadows Library in June.

Lilian and Owen and the masses

Big turnouts to campaign for Lilian Greenwood in the west and north of the Nottingham South constituemcy.
Bigger than was mobilised in 1997.
Could only make the session in the afternoon so missed the briefings by national political commentator Owen Jones.

St.Mary’s and St.George’s Coptic Orthodox Church

A grade listed church on St.Matthias Road, off Carlton Road, in St.Anns; had become  pretty derelict and a focus for ASB; transformed in 6 years by the Coptic Orthodox church, who have 23 millions followers in Egypt.
Consecrated by their Pope, Tawdros II of Alexandria.
And it’s beautiful.  So beautiful.
Paintings and carvings; stories and conviction.
Worth seeing.
A special addition to the city of Nottingham.

It ain’t always easy when you’re wheezy

Saying goodbye to Gerald Angell, son of a brother of my Dad’s mother.
He died of complications from a lung disease contracted through working in dirty nooks of offices and factories, maintaining telecoms equipment as a post office engineer.
He’d developed a little catch phrase for those last 10 years when perhaps he couldn’t do what others were doing.
Beyond his family, his deepest love was deep sea fishing – he and he brother-in-law had a boat in Aberystwyth.
The funeral – as always – a time for fond memories, favourite songs and a poem read beautifully by his cousin, talking to Gerald’s wife Do.
“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

Road Safety Quiz for the 1400

IMG_7697ac0530h DjArts ncc road safety quiz
So different from my time 46 years ago when you had six questions each and they’d ask you trick questions like “what does a double white line down the centre of the road mean?”
Road safety has to be stuck at.  New technology, quieter electric cars, even schemes like residents parking schemes changing how busy roads are, and changing visibilty.
And perhaps the recent trend of reducing killed and seriously injured is about to change?
Can programmes and events like these quizzes survive the cuts?

Appointed as Lord Mayor of Nottingham

As best I can, news concerning my role as Lord Mayor of Nottingham will be shared via the Twitter account @LordMayorNottm.
I will also attempt to not refer to attending events as Lord Mayor when sharing stories picked up at events.
“News and Political views” is plainly a political web-site, so beyond this post, I’ll try not to mention the civic role on this site any further.