Integration of health and adults care services


Cllr. Alex Norris explains how Labour in Nottingham worked to progress the integration of services, before the Conservative Government came in with their ST plans.


Lilian campaigning in The Meadows on the NHS


Lilian was joined by many including 5 City Councillors to ask about perceptions of the NHS which is struggling cos adult care is being underfunded and poverty is increasing demand on A&E and bed provision.
In recent months we’ve gone –
from a promised £350 million extra a week for the NHS
to NHS staff asking where the promised extra money is
to an autumn statement that doesn’t mention the NHS
to Conservative MPs suggesting we can no longer afford the NHS.

Remember, the NHS is the most affordable way because we avoid having to organise individual insurance for millions of people, and we avoid the cost of paying for the profit demanded by private medical insurance.

Local concerns picked up include appointments at the local GPs, dealing and litter in a specific neighbourhood, and wanting a landowner to  get on with a development of a former pub site.

Save the NHS

IMG_6036b0200h ClN canvassing LGMP
Testimony as to why private insurance seen elsewhere in other countries can cause problems, concerns as to availability of GP appointments and demands that the NHS is saved.
Lilian Greenwood MP explained the nature of Labour’s pledge to use a new ‘mansion tax’ to fund extra nurses and doctors so that staff have time to care.

Nottingham A&E summit

CLMP article on A and E b0659h
Chris Leslie (MP for Nottingham East) has reported on an summit held about Accident & Emergency services held in Nottingham.
I’ve placed a question to full council on this matter.
Interesting then that there’s been a week when A&E attendances has been at a record low, following weeks of pressures, and certainly reports to me from constituents over problems finding beds.
Simple facts remain –
– dissatisfaction with NHS services is at a recent high;
– this follows a time in 2010 when satisfaction was at very high levels; so high that there wasn’t even a question asked about health in the 2010 General Election TV debates;
– UKIP cannot shirk the allegations that they want a private insurance system for health rather than the principles of the NHS;
– Nottingham health agencies are now facing mote severe financial pressures.