Bridge ward monthly report 69

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v170630 1430 aa1754h
The General Election was the most extraordinary event, a result that was not predicted when the election was called.
Election Day in The Meadows was special.
Labour didn’t win, but something else changed, not the least the public credibility of the Prime Minister, and also Labour achieving a 40% share of the vote for the first time for some time.  We are in striking distance for the next time, even the Conservatives will not make the same mistakes again.  They’ve thrown away 3 years of government, and we now wait to see if they can continue, especially depending on a pact with Unionists from the north of Ireland.

It’s not the change we needed, and the cuts in public services will continue to undermine the capacity of the country and reduce the quality of life.

We’ll continue to graft, and opportunities for small amounts of physical improvements are found, but we need more money in people’s pockets, unified public services to bring all children on and more – not less – people defending community safety.

It was nice to see the pride of The Meadows shine through at the city parade, both with a banner and the dance & music of the Ancestors.

See the graphic for more news of progress.

Great Get Together at Queens Walk Rec

For Jo Cox MP, supported by the 3 Meadows primary schools and the Meadows Muslim Centre.
A white rose was planted, as well as the flower beds being renewed by the children, who also explored the smells and textures of the sensuary garden.

Mid-month progress report – June 2017

Albert Ball V.C. – we are laying a plaque for the Nottingham born World War I flying ace at the Memorial on the Embankment at 10:30am tomorrow (Thursday).
Great Get Together” – improving Queens Walk Recreation Ground tomorrow at 1pm, including planting a rose for Jo Cox MP who was murdered last year.
Lilian Greenwood MP is co-hosting a memorial “party” for Jo Cox MP on Sunday at the Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens – all welcome to this fuddle; 3pm to 5:30; any proceeds to the charity.
Lord Mayor
from May 8th – Parade from Old Market Square is at 11am on Saturday 24th June; Castle is free for the day.

Community safety remains the top concern.
Play equipment for The Green – now installed, with bin; goalposts due before Summer holidays.
Parking permits for New Meadows – there will be a public meeting to discuss the tweaking of neighbouring streets to improve visibility, bus access and streets where displaced parking means permits need to be considered.
Progress reports available.

My “case number” is circa 1951, serving around 813 clients. Week of Action – 7th – 13th August 2017 – Bridgeway Centre Information event on 10th August 11.00am till 3.00pm.

Newsletter – available at the council website.

New NOM – Tony Bamford; Leon Lewis now covers the City Centre

Grass verges needed cutting – work has started as of Monday 12th June

3G Cameras – new locations – Ryland Gardens and Bridgeway Centre. CCTV – cameras taken out due to tram works are now all working bar 1.

Bathley Street – NTIP – all trees pruned except 1.

Community Protection – Fully staffed and new SCPO is Rupinder Kooner

Appendix A: city centre news – Barker Gate Rest Gardens: paths to serve new flower beds in WI partnership project have been installed. Broadmarsh road works have started.
Broadmarsh bus station: inconvenient to lose the bus station as a new replacement is built on site; temporary arrangements have been made public
Appendix B : other news –
Victoria Embankment: we will consult over lighting the multi-use games area.
Queens Walk Rec.: circa £37k of repairs and enhancements planned.
Trent Works site for new housing: design agreed at May planning committee.
Arkwright Walk new housing: there is a delay; more when more is known.
Appendix C: tweaks required following residents parking scheme
We do need feedback on this to make sure we don’t miss tackling any issues that have arisen. So, advice and comments please. NeMTRA will host a public meeting. we will also walk through the ward with the traffic officer on a weekday before the meeting.
Enforcement generally – we think is working (let us know if you disagree).
Robin Hood Way: broad view is new parking slows cars down but we want to – protect bus stands;
– offer clearer crossing of the road to and from the bus at Houseman (outbound) and Thrumpton Drive (inbound);
– deal with concerns about junctions with Houseman Gardens, Osier Road and Manifold Gardens; Arkwright Walk (at south end): want to support residents and leisure centre users; Off Meadows Way (east): some abuse of grass greens.
St.Saviour’s Church: keep watching brief for Eden Softplay;
Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens: hoping children’s centre car park can be used to support events.
Wilford Grove (north end): may need to reduce number of car parking space to improve view.
Wilford Crescent East (north of Bathley Street): expect public will support extension of the permits scheme here.
Osier Road and Soudan Drive – may possibly need to expand permits scheme to these streets.
All other streets: no action required – we think – so let us know if there is a concern we’ve missed.

Appendix D: events –

OMTRA Public Meeting – 18th July, 7pm, Meadows Library.

AMCG Annual Events

  • Summer Garden Event 22nd July 2017 – 12 till 4.00pm
  • Autumn Garden Event 30th September 2017 – 12 till 4.00pm
  • “Your Choice, Your Voice” will be on 28th Nov. Christmas Tree event at Bridgeway will be on 6th December. Community “Week of Action” will be 7th – 13th August.


40 points

20170610 0200 ab0528h BBC Owen Smith
If we’d put a better performance in during the Euro referendum, the Labour Party and the country might never have been in the situation we are today.
Ditto the local government elections – now hundreds of Labour Councillors are not serving people and adding value like they could be.
So bad that we were over 20 points behind.
A Labour Government looked at least 10 years away.
May decided a fresh mandate was more valuable than the guarantee of Conservative rule in 2022-25.
Proclaiming that you couldn’t be sure of Corbyn not winning, it has now become obvious the only person to believe that was May herself – cos she was terrible.
Meanwhile at the fourth attempt, Jeremy found a line and length and Owen Smith has said he doesn’t know what he has, he wished it could be bottled up and shared around.
Perhaps he saw what I saw on Thursday night, something those who, like me, worked with New Labour never saw.

We are back at 40.0 points – even if that’s minus 2.4.
(The largest gain in share of vote since Clem Attlee in 1945.)
Yes we didn’t win.  Including Mansfield.
But we need to reflect and learn from what’s happened.
And be prepared to be as generous as Owen Smith. 

We have moved on

anti DUP tweet a0441h
A recent anti-DUP tweet. 
A disappointing reaction to the DUP becoming a much stronger part of the Conservatives who vote in the Commons are the tweets and posts highlighting connections to the Ultras during the troubles.
I can acknowledge the fury of those who support Jeremy after the hatchet jobs launched by many papers on condoning violence intended to put people in fear of what they normally do (especially Daily Mail which ran 13 pages on Wednesday) – some of which we saw in the streets on election day.
But if we are the people of hope and not hate, we have to acknowledge just what people went through, and how good it was and is that an agreement was reached.
Made even more tangible cos enemies as bitter as Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness can come together, and become the chuckle brothers.
Not saying concerns shouldn’t be expressed about LGBT issues, and Jonathan Powell expressing concerns for the future of N. Ireland is cautionary.
Just saying leave the seventies attitudes where they belong.