Ward Walk – February 2018

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In the south-west of the New Meadows.
Neighbours wanting to smarten the neighbourhood enjoying the Centrelink buses now they stop along Meadows Way (near “ng2”); a pleasant nine-month old dog; and the new housing, including on Bosworth Walk, awaiting snagging works for pavements, fencing and planting.

Meanwhile, uniformed officers dealing with a difficult situation nearby recently, received recognition from the Chief Constable.
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Ward walk – February 2017

Loads picked up the ward walk and checking out the fallout of a storm.
(1) The ward walk started at Royston Close, where previous visits found a number of issues. Tidier now, including most of the passage running along the school grounds.
(2) Regarding the second photo – the boring one. It’s Risley Drive, a street opposite ‘ng2′ on a working day morning, and there are no cars parked. And we’ve not even started enforcing the permits scheme yet.
(3) New council housing in the west of The Meadows starts to be available to rent in April.
(-) Some concerns about ASB on Crammond Close.
(4) Bumping into residents who highlighted pavement damage on Saffron Gardens, caused by construction vehicles serving the building of new houses.
This will be fixed, but once construction finishes.
(5) The site of the police station where the construction of 21 flats is currently being considered.
(-) Some positive feedback regarding action taken to clear up a passage at the rear of Phoenix Close, and a rear garden off it;
(6) A storm did some damage, including ripping out the gates of this unfortunate resident’s property.
(7) New tarmac in the parking lot of Lothmore Court. Done a little while ago, but have recently received thanks for the work. Again some concerns about ASB.
(8) A new temporary location for a community safety camera on Kirkwhite Walk (off Kelso Gardens). A 3G camera whereby the images are downloaded without needing a cable.
(-) Reporting graffiti on Middle Furlong Gardens – reporting it to keep on top of it.
(-) walking past the former miners’ welfare club site where we’re exploring building 22 houses or bungalows.
(9) A tree knocked over by the storm, on Robin Hood Way, outside the school.
(10) The corner on Robin Hood Way, where we’re proposing more road signs cos of a blind view for kids walking home from school.
Disappointed by the state of the grass.
(–) Also reported a strip of grass between Sweet Leys Road and Queens Walk.
(11) In the Old Meadows, the second local tree to be lost to the storm; a rowan tree in the Meadows Cottage Garden on Wilford Crescent West.
An N Post journalist turned up to do a feature on the fallen trees.
Thinking back, I’d noticed that there had not been too much litter blown about by the storm.
(12) Another tree was rocking and had long split slanted up through the tree trunk; it was expected to have to be cut down.
(13) Jackie and Margaret from OMTRA appreciating a new support wall for the rear of properties on Wilford Crescent West. A smart job.
(14) More new lining, this time on Robin Hood Way, supporting the permits scheme.

Ward walk – January 2017

This month, checking streets around the eastern half of the Old Meadows, including some of the alleyways.
New yellow lines have gone down in support of the forthcoming expansions to existing residents parking permit schemes.
The permit scheme is still planned for February 6th.  However, some issues are being managed –
– the permits are still to be issued;
– some people have not applied for permits, but there is still time to do so;
– one objection is outstanding for streets between Ayton Close and Launder Street, so this part might be later than planned;
– a number of jobs will be done in the run-up to the go date, such as the RINGGO signs for Meadows Way West.
– the walking and cycling route that 50 years ago was a direct route between the railway station and Trent Bridge has been re-opened;
– significant tree pruning in the East Meadows, especially along Eugene Gardens.
Ideas for future developments include –
– extra signing on Robin Hood Way at the junction with Soudan Drive, to help meet concerns from parents walking kids home to the Old Meadows from Victoria Primary school, cos the combination of car parking and the bend can made eastbound traffic harder to see.

img_5449pbGeneral concerns on behaviour in local neighbourhoods remain.
The Police are working on the issues, such as an announcement on another operation.