Bridge ward monthly report 79

Cooler than more recent Aprils.
Two knife incidents in The Meadows was not great, but there have been arrests.
WP_20180430_18_04_02_Pro (2)A new front entrance for Queens Walk Community Centre is underway, paid for by the tram project.
We said goodbye to 2 former City Councillors, Ken Williams and Mohammad Aslam.
And we are to say goodbye to Bridge ward.
Number of matters raised with me since October 2011 – 2078.
Some great art – plays: This House, Holes; movies: Isle of Dogs, Beast, and an interesting event Here to be Heard (The Slits); .
A jolly trip to Blackpool and Salop are to finish 3rd in the league – a tremendous outcome, although the “Mickey Mouse” cup final was to be a very sour event.
Nationally, the protests against protests against anti-Semitism kept being made by defenders of Jezza even though Jezza said he’d made a wrong call – la de da.
The expulsion of the Windrush generation who previously been recognised as legitimate immigrants, but without a piece of paper to say so, led to the resignation of the Home Secretary who at one stage was reported to be saying she had not seen what was in her official boxes.




Go see; and it’s official, my rating system is dead – I keep wanting to award top marks.
[r:9.7; e:5, s:5, p:5]
Especially good because I avoided spoilers.
The suspense had people in the cinema curled in their seats towards the end.
[Guardian review is available.]

Mohammad Aslam

Passed away.
Took a Conservative ward in 1985.
Represented Wilford; and then Radford & Park.
Almost elected as Labour MP for Nottingham East in 1987.

Justice of the Peace
Elected for Wilford Ward, 4 May 1995 – Labour (until May 2000)
Committees included –
Community Development Committee; Education Committee; Employment & Economic Development Committee; Policy & Resources Committee; Environment Committee; Standards Committee; Sustainability Joint Sub-Committee (V-Chair); Going Four Wards (Area 4) Committee.

Elected for Radford and Park Ward, 1 May 2003 – Labour (until 2015)
Committees included –
Appeals Panel; Environmental Services PDR; Standards Committee (Chair);
Berridge, Arboretum, Radford & Park (Area 4) Committee; Accounts Committee;
Advice & Scrutiny Committee; Priorities, Performance, Personnel & Finance Panel; Overview & Scrutiny Committee; Health Scrutiny Standing Panel; Joint City and County Health Scrutiny Committee; Audit Committee (Vice Chair); Community Wellbeing Select Committee; Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committee.

Blackpool weekend

One of the great weekends in football in Blackpool away in August, or at a push, April.
It was a bit cold and low-key as a resort, but just walking and looking is great, although definitely enhanced by crazy golf and the Waltzers.
The match was a bit flat given the experimental look to the tram whilst resting players for the play-offs.
The inflatables and plastic grass skirts a tad bizarre.
Long time since I’ve been, but the sea front is very dramatic.