Lilian visits The Meadows – August 2017

IMG_2465mc1389h LGMP in Bridgeway Shopping Centre
Lilian Greenwood MP cames to The Meadows as part of the annual Summer tour of the constituency and held coffee morning in Brookfield Court to hear of local concerns including construction timetables and crime, and visited the Community Information day run at Bridgeway Shopping Centre.
Highight was beating a team of 6 in Connect 4!
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Financial resilience briefings

Groups from across Clifton and The Meadows met at Queens Walk Community Centre to discuss the challenges the poor and the workless face, and what more can be done to help them and help them help themselves.
IMG_9128b0273h QWCC financial resilience CllrLA
One of the speakers was Nottingham City Councillor Leslie Ayoola.

Impact of cuts in social security on The Meadows

IMG_7858b0540h QWCC MAG talk key points m
A discussion with Lilian Greenwood MP and Cllr Nicola Heaton about changes in social security announced since the General Election, hosted by Meadows Advice Group at the Queens Walk Community Centre.
Matters discussed included –
– cuts in Working Tax Credit – likely to take out £19m p.a. from the working poor; perhaps £500,000 from The Meadows;
– Employment Support Allowance for people with an illness or disability; £33p.w.; changes might impact 760 people in Bridge ward;
– removal of child tax credit for more than 2 children; comes in during 2017;
– Reducing the benefits cap from £26,000, to £23,000; the first limit was quickly determined to affect 160 families in Nottingham City, but the number affected by the new proposed limit is still not calculated;
– Looking for work;
– loss of grant for some university students;
This report will be updated with more numbers soon.
Support Groups are planning to publish a report in October.
Spending power in The Meadows could well drop by well over £1 million per annum.

Hallmarks of deprivation

IMG_5433c0415h Meadows Childrens Centre xmas decoration
The advisory board for families and community in The Meadows and the Clifton wards hears of progress and challenges, associated mainly with services provided by sure start centres, but also youth services for up to 19 year olds.
If signing off the unemployed as sick was the hallmark of creating social deprivation in the eighties, I think taking people off the unemployment register through sanctions and low hours contracts will be the hallmark of today.
It is not clear that this new kind of deprivation is coming through in crime figures.
A concern is the focus that food banks are getting as a response (not least cos they are serving the working poor), when the bigger response is helping people maximise their social security, especially when the new kind of low hours contracts potentially make claiming such support more challenging.