A community festival prompted by Bridges Community Trust, with an emphasis on the mining history of The Meadows, drawing from the Clifton Colliery.
Bilsthorpe Colliery brought their extensive display.
OMTRA and Meadows Diabetics Society shared a stall.
The Scouts and Guides were there too.
(Fuller res. photos available on Facebook.)

The bandstand was in use again, this time for folk music.

Forest fans may have witnessed the folk music after the match.
Meanwhile, the new WWI memorial has been repaired / finished.
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Nottingham Carnival 2019

Again, great colour and the simple pleasure of watching the dancing.
Bumped into some animal lovers too.
Fuller res. photos available.

Previous years – 2018 – 2017 prep, parade, spectators and birds – 2016 day 1 & day 220152014 – 2013 Merlita, tall pictures, wider pictures

Riverside Festival 2019

The Festival continues to be popular with perhaps 160,000 and more visitors over the 3 days.
Fireworks remain very popular.
There was a stabbing on Friday night – best understanding is that this was between 2 people who know each other and not a random event.
Forest being drawn at home on the Saturday evening may have been a mixed blessing; some Forest fans park vehicles worth £30,000 in Meadows streets to avoid using a managed car park to save £7.

Meanwhile, the paddling pool re-opened on the Saturday.
One of the two pumps had failed, and the remaining pump could not carry the load. We’d been hoping to replace the pumps, in use since the fifties, as part of a major renewal of the site, in a few years time. But the pumps didn’t make it. We know how people enjoy the paddling, and that it’s the last such provision in the city, so we intend to keep paddling.

Consultation on restoring Memorial Gardens

Having received support from the Heritage Lottery to bid. for significant money for a project to restore The Memorial and the Gardens and to run a historical project, Nottingham City Council ran a consultation event ion The Meadows to seek feedback on presentations showing a range of detailed points about what the council seeks to restore and improve.

Parks News

The bandstand is due 1 more day of finishing works, and an inspection before being re-opened for full use.
Coats of paint on the interior of the stage area are still outstanding.

The Paddling Pool is still awaiting delivery of the ordered new pumps. Installation will further require matching a metric pump against imperial pipes. Hoping to be done in this current week, but don’t know.