Ambition for Clifton

Celebrating the outcomes of ambition for Clifton.

The tram; the leisure centre and Cornerstone (the joint services centres), the no 48 provided by the best bus company in the country; addressing the under-shopping in Clifton – more units planned for besides Morrisons, the Fairham triangle, with BMI and Aldi; Labour campaign team with Lilian and new flats due to be opened next year.

Die Welle – The Wave

Shown at The Contemporary as part of an anti-race hate programme, and discussed afterwards, “Die Welle‘ has previously been shown on British tv and is a drama drawing upon a week of classes and events in a Palo Alto high school in the sixties whereby students, incredulous at how the German people could become Nazis, exhibited Nazi behaviour by the end of the course.

The most startling contrast is with the 2016 Referendum in Britain when the British public were swayed by slogans on the side of buses and a fear of the Turks who might join Europe (and that Turkey was next to Syria).
That, and the lack of an ideology in Britain to convey the tests of what living in a free society is, what a free society entitles you to, and the responsibilities to carry to sustain it.

The Contemporary adjoins the Narrow Marsh, the neighbourhood where much of the then radical campaigns and values of first the Luddites, and then the Chartists came, from some 150-200 years ago.

As Trump is being brought closer to being impeached, and more commentators are talking about his sociopathic behaviour, worth reflecting on the conduct of Johnson (that aura that smiles and never frowns) and Cummings, and how they. have had to withdraw on the proroguing of Parliament, which was found to be illegal.

Five Leaves and We Are Not Leaving

Five Leaves Bookshop called this event in case Brexit was happening to say even if the UK left the EU tonight, those attending wouldn’t.
Those who asked to attend, were also asked to read something.
Readings on the themes of freedom and internationalism were read out in German, French, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Salopian – oh yes.

(I’ll post my contribution later, but it picked up on our love of egg and tomato sandwiches, how barbarity on the Internet has spoilt a wonderful opportunity and how a Five Leaves’ event gave platform to a Professor who shook up leftist views of George Orwell.)

General Election called for 12th December

I’d wanted a referendum called first, so that the country resolve where it stood on Brexit by the same method as put us into the current mess.
Instead, the Lib Dems and the SNP put what they perceived as their narrow party political advantage ahead of maximising the chance for a considered way out of the debacle the country is in.
Daylight hours are going to be short over the next 6 weeks and we are more vulnerable to bad weather on poling day than usual, so the advice to all is to register and to seek a postal vote.
And vote Labour.