Street harassment report and video

Street harassment experiences of secondary school students – preliminary study from Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families, Nottingham Trent University.
I have referred the report to a senior manager in our Children’s Services.
WP_20171108_17_03_47_Pro ab0455h harassment slide


My Fair Lady

171023S My Fair Lady ab0230h Screenshot (701)
An excellent production by the Nottingham Operatic Society.
If only cos I figured Henry Higgins was played better than Rex Harrison achieved – although he did get an Oscar.
Listening to the overture at the beginning and you remember how powerful many of the songs are; and thanks to Youtube, you remember all the controversies around the movie – Julie Andrews dropped, Rex Harrison not singing and Audrey Hepburn not being allowed to sing.
But the musical does suffer from the songs towards the end being spoken rather than sang, and the nonsense of Eliza standing up for herself only to return and commit without the romance she so wanted to be shown earlier.  “Where’s my slippers?” indeed.
For all that, a good night out, being entertained by people who hold down other jobs for a living.

Left Lion review – “What does Eliza see in him?”

Herbert Kilpin

171022T Herbert Kilpin Lord of Milan ab0662h
On the centenary of his death, a shop front on Mansfield Road where Herbert Kilpin was born was dedicated to the Nottingham lace worker and footballer who founded AC Milan.
In the evening, a documentary “Lord of Milan” was released.
And from that film it’s clear that AC Milan wear red and black stripes, cos that what Herbert wore when he played for Notts Olympic.

Three good wins but low turnout

Congratulations to the Nottingham Labour party members and helpers who have met and discussed politics with so many (over 10,000) in recent weeks; and for setting out to meet so many on election day.
Real discussions, and with too many instances of people saying it’s beyond them, in a city where working people once led the drive for every adult to have the vote.
171019 Nottm results shares and swing ac0187h
Three by-election victories for Labour in Nottingham, just four months after losing a General Election; two of the results have significant swings to Labour, all saw an increase in Labour’s share.
But turnout remains an issue.
111020 Bridge election result 450 ab0800h
Felt the same, and at times, worse during my victory almost 6 years ago to yesterday.
At least 50 helpers on the day and yet the turnout was so low.

Red Sky at midday …

… hurricane on the way.
20171016 red sky and sun sharon scoffings ab0682h 22449669_10155843145817915_6541484230024119353_n
Saw people lean out of office windows to witness this phenomena.
Ex-hurricane Ophelia had picked up sand from the Sahara and other material from Spain.
In the East Midlands, it was a bit windy.
Nothing like Ireland has suffered.
But hang on …
… a hurricane coming straight to the British Isles.
How many more “messages from the Lord” do we need?

European Movement rally in Nottingham

IMG_7547ec0591h European Movement rally in OMS
Turned up towards the end and found the rally better organised than anything we did last year.
Had to acknowledge that Labour respects the mandate from the referendum, but also pointed out that latest poll finds for Remain by 5 points and maybe that margin might grow.
Pointed out how Britain’s focus so needed to be back on jobs, the labour market, health and education and that people had often voted for more money for the NHS and wondered why that hadn’t appeared yet.
Also explained how European the development of Nottingham has been, which is often typical of many English cities.
Finished by thanking the campaigners for keeping on keeping on.
Boris Johnson impersonator was good fun.