with part of the agenda

NeMTRA organisers put in hours over the year of being available and providing twice weekly occasions for people to meet and socialise in the Queens Walk Rec pavilion.
As usual, got given 5 or more things to go and do, better.


Screenshot (841) NeMTRA AGM ab0363h
Congratulations and thanks to retiring Chair Pat Thomas who has served as an officer for the residents association for many years.
Pat in turn thanked Lilian Greenwood MP for her work.

Local Police announced crime is up locally, then that a merger between Police and the Fire Brigade would allow local Police to run a contact point from the London Road Fire Station; oh and then that a new Bridewell will be built somewhere in Radford.  Perhaps better to wait for official confirmation, or otherwise,  of these points.

21 residents attended.  Bel Edis is the new Chair.


Lilian and Toby at NeMTRA

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Lilian covered –
celebrating votes for women; impact of women MPs; being chair of the Transport Select cttee.; preparing to clean air; the failure of Carillion and noting that the
NHS in Nottingham sacked them; the need fo more council housing; campaigning on gov’t proposals on supported housing (e.g. Carroll Gardens) – gov’t backtracked; new legislation for homes fit for human habitation; wanting more new council homes in The Meadows; that the government could do more; NHS – massive winter pressures; the waits for A&E ambulances: 300 more (check) operations cancelled.  Adult social care needs more support. Instead, the burden on council tax.  Pleased to see money secured for improvements to the Meadows Health Centre.  The new spaces available in local primary schools.
We need more police officers.

Community involvement counts. Casework is key to what she does and the feedback informs.  Meadows Advice Group is invaluable.


Councillor Toby Neal spoke on the cuts to the council’s budget being made by the national government.

NeMTRA public meeting – November 2016

Parks, development and crime were the big issues.

* The Green
£40k grant has been won; consultation ongoing about the best kiddies play equipment.
* Queens Walk Rec
5 year plan under consultation. Volunteers have kept the bowling green to the best standard ever. The wild flowers had been re-seeded. The Ping table tennis had not been a success. A tennis wall has been installed.  Access had been improved.

* Police Station site
An NCH homes scheme proposed; currently 4 stories high; design to be discussed further.
* Clifton Miners’ Welfare site
City Council trying to buy site; 18-20 bungalows planned.
* Arkwright and Blackstone
Keepmoat are submitting the designs to Planning committee on the 24th.
Note, owners of the Riverway pub are seeking people to run it.
* Arkwright full length access
Works for a cycling and walking route has begun.
Design will prepare ground for supporting bus services – the NCT 3 and LocalLink 1.
CCTV coverage – the camera pole allows views along Arkwright and Kirkewhite, so I am suggesting it is not moved.  Am reviewing whether trees canopies unduly block the view.

* Crime
Up 4% year to date, but change in counting methodology explains that.
Four streets are the focus of drug dealing issues. Police are aware.
Domestic burglary has gone up from 18 to 32.
* Dog mess
Subject of many complaints.
* Motorbiking
Subject of many complaints.

* Parking permits
Housing data ready on Tuesday, and aiming to start in December, but there are some technical problems.
Asking for public transport operators to seek passengers at the time of change.
* NCT Navy bus service 49
Starts on January 30th.

NeMTRA public meeting – September 2016

Nottingham City Homes officers explaining how people who were displaced to allow new council housing to be built, will indeed have first claim for the 55 new homes that have been built.
One snag – there are more wanting 3-bedroom homes than have been built.
This, at another NeMTRA public meeting where the Police were too busy to attend; not a criticism – just a worry that it’s a sign of over-commitment.
A shame too that Keepmoat couldn’t attend to discuss there development plans for Arkwright Walk – plans are due to be submitted and considered by Planning committee – perhaps in December.
NeMTRA’s new community development officer is hoping to start new events, including DiY for women (arising from a community consultation exercise) and photography.
NCH have a fun day on 17th September, but should know that the demand for their properties is high – 5,000 on the waiting list.
I gave a run-down on issues across the ward (based on the end of month report) and was frequently interrupted with suggestions – (I must improve) –
– landscaping on the NET is still outstanding, including works at Meadows Embankment stop which should be adapted to deter car parking on the grass by the story-pole;
– when will Arkwright Walk be opened up along its full length?
– increased car parking on the paths of Orange Gardens;
– increased dog mess on path from Orange Gardens to Bunbury Street;
– kids playing on Queens Walk (a bit blasé about the trams);
– pavements in the Queens Walk Rec are uneven by the play equipment and are puddled after any rain;
– wanting to hear news of progress following the hold-up of Meadows Post Office;  is the CCTV for the precinct good enough?
– sequencing of new traffic lights for junction of Queens Drive / Wilford Road / Waterway Street West is too fast for pedestrians;
– mess from Canada Geese on The Embankment is too much;
– traffic speed on Robin Hood Way is still too high, especially near QWCC;
– 3 constituents complaining about poor access for Hackney Carriages at the railway station, especially for the less mobile.