Bridge ward monthly report 58

Another awful month regarding attacks on innocent bystanders.
As for Nottingham, Pride and Splendour were highlights; events featured too in The Meadows – at the library, at Queens Walk Rec and at the community gardens.
MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v160801 1257 aa1754h
Pleased to see award of Green Flag to Victoria Embankment for the first time.
A consultation on the introduction of a Junior Bike Track – for kids to rehearse road safety knowledge before going onto the roads – has begun.
Charging for parking was introduced and the erection of street light columns has begun.
A dramatic demolition on Arkwright Walk, but some disappointing news regarding the shop.
Checking out the Red Lion at the Local Studies Library found an improbable attempt to re-name the Narrow Marsh.
Nationally, Lilian Greenwood’s statement on working with Jeremy Crobyn triggered reaction and reference.  I am supporting Owen Smith for leader of the Labour Party.

1704 matters raised.


Jason Bourne is unrealistic

Nearly didn’t go.  Made the mistake of watching reviews of the movie on YouTube.  Lazy with an irrelevant middle story; they shouldn’t have bothered.  Criticisms I’d apply to the reviews on YouTube, now that I’ve seen the movie.
If you’ve watched the 3 previous Matt Damon / Jason Bourne films (so often repeated on ITV2 or ITV4), then you’ll know the plots, the values and the implausibilities.  There is a fascination in watching another re-working of the story, but with the same plots, values and implausibilities.
And you’ll find it as entertaining, and as irritating, as the others. I’m glad I went.
The Guardian’s review called it forgettable – well not once it’s gets on to ITV2.

The ridiculous Red Lion

Whilst checking out where Nottingham victims of the Battle of Jutland lived, I saw old maps at the Local Studies Library, and was surprised to see what is now London Road island, marked as Red Lion Square. But why?
WP_20160728_13_42_12_Pro (2) Red Lion Street ridiculous ab0155h
With the help of library staff today, saw this reference card.
A ridiculous attempt to rename the Narrow Marsh!
WP_20160728_13_41_56_Pro (2) Red Lion mystery ab0445h
But why “Red Lion”? Sounds like a pub.
This 1987 clipping said the location of any pub called the “Red Lion” was unknown.
Staff have now reported that they’d found a reference to the Red Lion Inn, Plumptre Square, in an 1835 Trade Directory; Red Lion Street was named after the Inn, which was later demolished. Even when the Red Lion Square existed, locals prefered to refer to Plumptre Square.
WP_20160728_13_45_32_Pro (2) Red Lion Street 1923 ab0623h
Is the notion of “Southside” just a 21st century version of the “Red Lion area”?
With the exception that some take to the Queens Road and Crocus Street neighbourhood not being referred to as The Meadows, I wonder if Westcroft Meadows might ever come back?

Proposals for Victoria Embankment Junior Bike Track

Nottingham City Council Parks Service has designed a bike track for children to practise their cycling skills and learn to ride a bike.
Some funding has already been secured for this project but additional funding will be required and we will be looking to apply for external funding in September.
The designs can be viewed during opening hours at the following venues:
• Queens Walk Recreation Ground pavilion: 14th July – 2nd August
• Meadows Library: 3rd August – 23rd August
• Victoria Embankment Cricket Pavilion: 16th August – 30th August
And at the following events:
• Bridgeway Community Information Event: 15th August, 12-4pm
The proposals can also be viewed and commented online until 31st August at:
For more information contact the Parks and Open Spaces Team on 0115 915 2733 or

Riverway Gardens pulled down

WP_20160727_13_03_24_Pro bb0496h Riverway Gardens pulled down
A mechanical digger tears down Riverway Gardens.
IMG_1433ba0130h Riverway Gardens pulled down
Talking to residents looking on, it seems the promise of regeneration of Arkwright Walk, has boosted property values, before the works have been completed.
IMG_1434ab0428h Riverway Gardens pulled down
Still issues to fight on regarding Arkwright Walk, including the recent closure of the shop opposite St.Saviour’s church.