Full council – July 2017

Covered –
– a sober review of actions taking place prompted by the fire that devastated the Grenfell Tower;
– the council being awarded good for its children services by Ofsted;
– condemnation of the cuts the government is still planning for school budgets;
– a motion calling for Bedroom tax to be dropped now that there is a majority opposing it in the House of Commons;
– protests against money being found for the north of Ireland whilst Nottingham’s budget is cut.
Astonishing to hear the Conservative Deputy Leader saying that cuts to Nottingham had been justified.  Yep, justifying the cuts made on Nottingham.

Tributes to Glen O’Connell on his retirement on the 22nd anniversary of his return to the city council to lead our legal team.


IMG_9987ab0719h WHall chinasaurs Hunter and family
The exhibition on dinosaurs, featuring twenty and more exhibits from China on display outside of Asia for the first time ever, and explaining that many dinosaurs were actually feathered, puts Nottingham as part of the new phase of story-telling of dinosaurs and our understanding of them.
And it’s happening cos of a Chinese student who arrived here in 2004 to study architecture and fell in love with Wollaton Hall and its natural history exhibits and combined that with his love of dinosaurs.  (He’s the guy at the back in the red trousers.)
BBC tv’s Chris Packham is to make a documentary telling the story to be broadcast at Christmas.

That exit poll

We hadn’t been clear what final opinion polls (that ranged from a Conservative lead of 13 points to a Labour lead of 1 point) had meant.  Was it the abuse shouted in the morning or the wave of determined voter turnout in the afternoon & evening in The Meadows?
The exit poll said the latter.  Pleased to say I still didn’t react, although the BBC Radio Nottingham has my colleagues bouncing as we watched it on a big screen at the Nottingham count.   I did though give a TV interview – hey, not used.

St.Mary’s and St.George’s Coptic Orthodox Church

A grade listed church on St.Matthias Road, off Carlton Road, in St.Anns; had become  pretty derelict and a focus for ASB; transformed in 6 years by the Coptic Orthodox church, who have 23 millions followers in Egypt.
Consecrated by their Pope, Tawdros II of Alexandria.
And it’s beautiful.  So beautiful.
Paintings and carvings; stories and conviction.
Worth seeing.
A special addition to the city of Nottingham.

Road Safety Quiz for the 1400

IMG_7697ac0530h DjArts ncc road safety quiz
So different from my time 46 years ago when you had six questions each and they’d ask you trick questions like “what does a double white line down the centre of the road mean?”
Road safety has to be stuck at.  New technology, quieter electric cars, even schemes like residents parking schemes changing how busy roads are, and changing visibilty.
And perhaps the recent trend of reducing killed and seriously injured is about to change?
Can programmes and events like these quizzes survive the cuts?