First Man

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Born in ’61, I was part of the generation who were the age to be inspired about just how much was going to be possible in the future.  We were the ones woken up in the middle of the night to watch the first moon walk on the black and white TVs.
Yet there is little joy in this giant leap for mankind.
It’s as if the astronauts were drilled not to enjoy the successes, so we aren’t allowed to either.
Space flight here is not bright and light, like in Apollo 13, but dark, with plenty of shake, rattle and roll; especially the rattle.
Compelling and convincing, the only technical moan is the inability to hear all the dialogue; this in a film that is the best so far in conveying what the moon looks like and what that crater that nearly aborted Apollo 11 looked like.
Another go see movie.
(r:9.2; e:4, s:5, t:4).

Asked what the missions will mean, Armstrong is shown to say that it may not be explorations for exploration’s sake, but for seeing things in a new way, because we now can.
Apollo 13 was to tell us that we all need a lifeboat; but we know the earth doesn’t have one, so we have to look after it.  Yet the generation that was inspired to do so much ought to reflect on just how many problems we are refusing to tackle.


25 years service as a Councillor

Seven years as Bridge ward City Councillor; on top of 18 years serving Mapperley Division and ward, that makes 25 years in total.

There should be award, or a medal, or a grand thank you!  Hey, what about an OBE?
Well, not really.  The role is a vocation and we should expect little else.

And there’s the experiences and stories to recount!  And I do recount them.  And I notice people getting more and more bored as I tell, them.

Ah, but what about all the casework and achievements!
Again, it’s what’s expected, and it’s kinda hard to say what is it that you have achieved, without the help of anyone else, especially when you have co-Councillors and work with others.

Ronald Reagan once said achieving in politics and using politics to achieve isn’t difficult, the challenge was in making the achievements something that you alone was responsible for.
There are times when a particular outlook and resolve as an individual can make a difference for the good, but even then it draws upon widely held values and others’ capabilities.

Enough.  Let’s focus instead on what there is to do, take pleasure in ward events like today’s, note that I picked up 5 requests today and say thanks to those who demonstrated for REMAIN today.

Dirty tricks on voter registration

The current senator for North Dakota who is up for re-election was elected 6 years ago by under 3,000 votes.  She is a Democrat party member.  She was supported in large numbers by native Americans; around 10,000 of them.
(See report by Vox; also their photo (AFP/Getty).)
Electoral Registration is more political in the United States of America, and Republican Party supporters changed electoral registrations rules to say a voter cannot give a postal box address.  Many native Americans in particular North Dakota counties only have postal box addresses.  And so, a measure was introduced to target and cut out a particular group of people.  Ethnically targeted.
Georgia also is state where people are being cut out from the register.  Requiring precision in the way names and addresses are submitted in a way that excludes more. black people.  Here the officer controlling registration is also the Republican candidate for the Senate.

Even in casting postal votes in Britain, officers can take the view that signatures can be sufficiently similar, even if the master signature is written say ‘Michael Edwards’, when the signature is written say ‘M.M.Edwards’.

Mike Leigh, in a broadcast interview after the premiere of the movie Peterloo, said if people from then were here now, they’d be appalled that not all working people register, and that not all working people vote.

Register to vote.  Use the vote.


For a country that loves period costume drama, a first movie of the Peterloo massacre the 200th anniversary of which falls in August next year.
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The production art and costumes are convincing.  The massacre itself, sickening – and how could it be anything else.
The interests of manufacturers, magistrates, government and royalty are shown and not to advantage.  The workers and campaigners are often shown making speeches – often extracts from speeches of the time – and the language can be challenging.  An introduction to Henry Hunt.  Overall, an education.
A more positive review from the Guardian, in essence the newspaper that was created because the massacre happened.
(r:6.7; e:2, s:3, t:4).

Mid-month progress report – October 2018

Doing the rounds at Loxley House, I picked up the following, further to information presented at Area 8 committee recently –

The Meadows:
– Regarding Bridgeway Hall, the land outside the high boundary fence, is owned by the city council, in the housing revenue account; ownership of the access road to the rear of Bridgeway Hall needs review;
– there’s a land ownership snag on the former Meadows Police station site, but this should be fixable;
– forgot to mention in previous update that formal consultation on Bridgeway shopping centre car parks has begun;
– a Hicking phase 3 is now planned by the developers of phase 2, whereby existing east and north facades and roof are kept, but not a lot else, in a 150 studio apartments development;
– much of the lighting on Trent Bridge needs repair but anti-terrorist barriers prevent access;
– Planning cttee in November does not see the Unity Square proposals, and no other Meadows developments either;
– marathon: according to traffic mgmt., went better than previous years; story about an ambulance having problem on Castle Bridge Road is odd, cos the service had staff in the traffic mgmt. centre to manage any problems; what did go wrong was people ignoring signs at the eastern entrance that said you couldn’t get through, and therefore stacking up at the western egress, and this did cut the customers using Sainsbury’s in the morning;
– another public consultation on QWRec improvements has begun;

– east off Notts County, a supplementary planning document is published for review.
Scale of new housing envisages a new school. Should explore whether a new bus service might be needed and which might use Arkwright Walk;

qKnUabHNThe city centre:
– October Planning cttee. approved County House renewal for a fine dining franchise restaurant and office development with bar/cafe;
– November Planning cttee. sees Broadmarsh bus station and car park, now with central library;
– Heathcoat Street won’t see another consultation unless a further traffic change is proposed;

Previous end of September progress report available,