Bridgeway Shopping Centre Christmas Lights switch on 2019

Three local primary schools, Lord Mayor Rosemary Healy and Bridges Community Trust putting on stalls and dressing as pantomime characters.
Highlight – Victoria school singing “Golden Slumbers” – did not expect that.

Lilian campaigning near Bridgeway Centre

The General Election was called 5 week ago, and with 9 calendar days to go before voting starts, I still haven’t heard of anyone in Nottingham South receiving a leaflet, letter or visit from a representative of any other political party.
Meanwhile Labour has been out and about, having delivered a first leaflet, arranging for every registered household to receive an election address by post, writing to postal voters and calling on residents.

The Nightingale

A revenge “western” set in Tasmania 1825.  
Feel like I’ve seen a number of the plot twists in other films.
The film graphically shows the stress, injury and pain of those involved.
The plot goes crunch when the opportunity for revenge is inexplicably declined.
Worth seeing. Wiki. Guardian.

Ambition for Clifton

Celebrating the outcomes of ambition for Clifton.

The tram; the leisure centre and Cornerstone (the joint services centres), the no 48 provided by the best bus company in the country; addressing the under-shopping in Clifton – more units planned for besides Morrisons, the Fairham triangle, with BMI and Aldi; Labour campaign team with Lilian and new flats due to be opened next year.

Security doesn't just come from drones

When Ed Balls went to the USA for BBC tv, he attended a meeting where the debate was what extra measures you needed to deal with a gunman in a school classroom. For British people, the idea barely crosses our mind cos it’s so very rare and made rarer by further restrictions on gun ownership.

One of Andrew Neil’s 3 main questions against Jeremy Corbyn was would he in a scenario where there were no other ifs and buts have a senior, high risk terrorist taken out by a weapon from a drone.

Maybe we are about to learn that action on prevention and risk analysis is much more important, particularly by focusing on known threats and properly financing security, probation and rehabilitation. (And not just front-line police.)
Maybe we need more focus on conflict resolution.

Maybe we need better government and better journalism.