NCT navy blue bus service changes

Affecting The Meadows and Clifton.

NCT are making some changes to their network in Clifton to reflect the changes in demand that they have experienced post introduction of the tram.

Service 48 will remain high frequency with a ‘turn up & go’ headway albeit running every 10 minutes during the Monday to Saturday daytime period rather than every 7/8 minutes as currently. Evening and Sunday frequencies are unchanged.

Service 1 maintains a peak frequency of every 15 minutes but this is reduced to every 30 minutes during the off-peak period. On Saturdays the daytime frequency is reduced to every 30 minutes, with all buses operating the full route between Nottingham and Loughborough. However, during NTU term time ‘Clifton short’ workings will be operated to enable the Saturday frequency on service 1 to be enhanced to every 15 minutes between Clifton (the Dip) and City.

NCT  are pleased with the number of passengers using service 3 now that it is diverted via Ruddington but there is still room for improvement! The biggest issue they have had on this route is keeping to time and we have unfortunately had to reduce the Sunday service to Ruddington – City only simply because we could not keep the service to schedule by running it as far as Clifton.

Bridge ward monthly report 55

Having said farewell to winter, we had a few days of hail at the end of the month, and then something else.  Normal politics was lost to rehearsals of what constituted anti-semitism, and what was just bad history (stubbornly re-rehearsed).  Just 8 days after a very positive visit by Ken Livingstone to Nottingham.

Took a step backwards on tipping this month, with some surprising streets needing action.

A lot of time taken up with the problems a civil engineering firm faces from an alternative education school.  The facility was nevertheless granted planning permission.

New Meadows Residents Parking permits:

Formal Consultation           –           20 May
Public Consultation            –           3 June
Public Advert                        –           1 July  – 29 July 2016
Any objections will then need to be considered and if warranted, the works programmed with Highways Construction.  Signing and lining could be introduced in September/October.

Riverside school: positive news on management of the school.

QW tram stop neighbourhood: Community Centre chasing to improve front, inluding a new glass door;  higher activity at cenre generally; bistro under development;  planning application now in for housing on Blackstone Walk.  SIte visited as part of a ward walk.

Arkwright Walk: development proposals submitted.

Trent Works and Mundella Centre: Blueprint held a public consultation for new housing but they have not submitted plans; e-mails have expressed concern over car parking and concentration of housing.

A chance at last to see the new Meadows Cricket Pavilion.

Other Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground matters:
Lighting works: might start as early as mid-May and may finish before end of June.  Parking scheme: now looking at mid-June; priority is that commuters pay and use public transport; we want spaces for park users;there will be warning signs in week ahead.

ANNOUNCEMENT: children’s cycle track: a mini-road system with powered signals (for up to 11 y.o.) to be bid for in October (so consultation in June) – the first in the country. Expected to be a city-wide attraction.

VE & MRG development: want to do things with lottery bids etc. but big projects held up; SO use s106 money for more immediate and smaller scale projects; proposed
1. Resurfacing carriageway between Bunbury St. and Trent Bridge junctions;
2. Restoring Queen Victoria;
3. Formalise & upgrade path link between bandstand and memorial gardens.

Café and toilets: are expecting café near Wilford Suspension Bridge to re-open properly on 22nd May and will be checking contractual requirement to provide toilets.

Beat the Street” began for 6 weeks or so.

St.George was celebrated, in the city centre and in The Meadows, as was the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and knowledge of Shakespeare was tested at the FoML quiz.  As was worker’s day with a march; worker’s memorial day was commemorated.

BBC tv’s Line of Duty series 3 was compelling and chimed with concerns about policing in the past; brought to the fore with the court case finding on Hillsborough.

1619 matters have been logged for chasing, from around 675 clients, since October 21st, 2011.

Ken and his fact

Recently, I posted a couple of articles celebrating Ken Livingstone’s visit to Nottingham.
I enjoyed his folksy style of speaking – a history through personal memories – and his enthusiasm for talking about big issues – such as the need for investment in Britain.
Members of the audience celebrated his contribution to equalities.

Since then (Tuesday), a Bradford MP was exposed for something unpleasant she re-tweeted when an activist, a year before becoming an MP.  In Parliament, the next day (Wednesday), she didn’t defend what she had then done, explained how she was trying to make amends and in a way, was seeking mercy.

Something of a surprise then to find Ken deciding to defend her the morning after (Thursday), when she herself thought there was no case to plead.  The Independent has published his remarks.  In essence, I think there are 2 main problems with Ken’s remarks:
– protraying the existence of an agreement between Adolf Hitler and a group of Zionists – a fact – as something significant in the history of all that has happened;
– remarks about the holocaust only happening once Hitler had gone mad.
John Mann MP reacted melodramatically to the remarks.  (Considering what we have done in the past to remarks made by others along these lines, you could easily argue justifiable. It did however reduce the scope for a healing process.)
LBC nigel farage
(UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, wondered just what people would have done, if he, or one of UKIP’s councillors had made the remarks.)

Meanwhile, later on Thursday, and on Friday,
the Society of Jewish Socialists
IMG_4325 (2)
and Open Democracy
open democracy comment
published fuller and considered analyses that bring proportion and perspective to what has happened.

These statements express a proper response (with some quibbles) more effectively than I can.   And while we’ll have got some value from re-visiting our values and codes of conduct, the row has been a massive distraction, and statements extolling Ken’s fact, or condemning him with heavy words limit the scope for learning.

Finally, a Guardian article published Saturday that puts that fact into a proper historical contest.

Salop avoid relegation

getty salop score aa0200h 526533490
Couldn’t go to the match, but Salop avoided relegation with a game to go, despite losing at home –  4-3 ‘nall, after coming back from 3-0 down in 15 minutes.
Getty PA captured the spirit of the fighback, but due to a bizarre downpour at Crewe delaying kick-off, followed by a surprising defeat for Doncaster there, Salop were to find out only after the game that they were safe.
The only prize Salop won this season was best pitch in the league.  But with a record 13th defeat in a season (2nd worst in the division), the pitch doesn’t seem to have helped.
A weird season, hampered by 2 local players moving on to have very sucesful seasons with Championship clubs, but for Cardiff City (away), Burton Albion (away) and Sheffield Wednesday (home) – thank you very much.