Red Sky at midday …

… hurricane on the way.
20171016 red sky and sun sharon scoffings ab0682h 22449669_10155843145817915_6541484230024119353_n
Saw people lean out of office windows to witness this phenomena.
Ex-hurricane Ophelia had picked up sand from the Sahara and other material from Spain.
In the East Midlands, it was a bit windy.
Nothing like Ireland has suffered.
But hang on …
… a hurricane coming straight to the British Isles.
How many more “messages from the Lord” do we need?


European Movement rally in Nottingham

IMG_7547ec0591h European Movement rally in OMS
Turned up towards the end and found the rally better organised than anything we did last year.
Had to acknowledge that Labour respects the mandate from the referendum, but also pointed out that latest poll finds for Remain by 5 points and maybe that margin might grow.
Pointed out how Britain’s focus so needed to be back on jobs, the labour market, health and education and that people had often voted for more money for the NHS and wondered why that hadn’t appeared yet.
Also explained how European the development of Nottingham has been, which is often typical of many English cities.
Finished by thanking the campaigners for keeping on keeping on.
Boris Johnson impersoninator was good fun.

London Road fire station

20171013J London Road fire station visit
A year now since it was opened by Lilian Greenwood MP.
Visited with co-Councillor Nicola Heaton and saw that the building is working well for the Fire Brigade.
The Ambulance Service use the facility and the Police may soon share the same office too.
On the top floor, the City Council’s emergency planning team have their office and the command centre for emergencies.
Some souvenirs from the old Central fire station have been brought over, including the two lions – one alert, and one at home and sleeping – to represent the then two watches (red and blue). There are now four watches – green, white, blue and red – who showed us around.
IMG_7428 (2) london road fire station red watch ab0252h
Discussions were held on fire safety standards in mid-rise buildings in the city centre and traffic management.

Parks updates – October 2017

*** The Meadows

** Victoria Embankment
* Memorial
Lead lifted – looking to replace with a different material; equipment (incl. goal posts) stolen from compound; undercroft being abused, so looking to enhance and secure – bids for enhancements in the making.
* Bandstand
Damaged by fire; will repair and re-instate but will explore what might usefully be added; planning application submitted.
* Pavilion
Hoping FA will nominate a junior football club to be host for the new pavilion use.
* Grounds protection
Changes were promised and solution now drafted.
* Events
Will again re-visit noise – a disco was very loud during the Robin Hood marathons.

** Queens Walk
Details of £37k of enhancements still to be agreed.

** The Green
Some fixes required.

** Arkwright Walk
Will seek a quote for regular mini football goals for field next to play equipment.

*** City Centre
* Barker Gate Rest Gardens
WI have put loads of plants in; screen to hide waste bins to be added.


Six foot high presentations of Robin Hoods, stylised as a robin, and to be sponsored, decorated and installed across the city next year to give an attractive set of walking routes next year.
The first is painted as Robin Hood, the second as India.  A third is shown before decoration.
The project reflects other successful schemes in Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Brighton and elsewhere.
Launched at the Contemporary gallery.


IMG_7493mb0630h Smile production montage

“Augustus the Tiger has lost his smile …”
And Reception year kids from 2 schools had found theirs and were dancing by the end of the production of acting, singing, classical music and audience participation.
Hey, like, it was really nice.
And there’s always one kid who gets fascinated by using a mirror to reflect light onto the ceiling.
Staged at Nottingham City Council’s Central Library.