The Malt Cross hustings

Screenshot (477)b0566h malthustings tweets
IMG_6850b0241h The Malt Cross hustings CllrNH
A hustings using younger speakers and aimed at the whole city rather than Bridge ward, held at The Malt Cross.
Nevertheless, co-Councillor Nicola Heaton had been invited to speak for Labour, in the old and small music hall.
However, requiring the speakers to be seated made it difficult for the audience to see them.
Worse, problems in hearing them made the speakers look down to speak into the microphones, which made them look like they were speaking from notes.
Perhaps 30 attended.

The wheel fell off

Followed the League 1 scores on the BBC videprinter cos Notts County, oldest football league club, based in Bridge ward, were one space above the relegation zone and at risk from three other clubs.
And sure enough, Leyton Orient, away to 4th placed Swindon Town, had gone first one, then two up, against a 10-men side. So Notts needed to win.
Then Crawley took the lead at home to Coventry.
So relief when Notts took the lead away at Gillingham.
Screenshot (476)b0331h Notts threw it away
Then Orient threw away their lead and Crawley fell behind at home.
But Notts conceded 3 goals in the last 5 minutes, whilst Colchester had taken the lead against promotion chasing Preston North End.
Notts had the wheelbarrow, and the wheel fell off.
Bad for Nottingham cos of the smaller crowds next season.
Bad for me cos I was looking forward to Salop’s visit next season.
(Although I have now met a Barnet fan who’s pleased cos he’s got a local game.)

Controversial Plymouth win denies Shrewsbury the championship

… controversial that is, if you think Plymouth scoring twice, not conceding any goals and playing better football as a unit should really decide football matches.
IMG_6843a0155h NGM Salop attack Plymouth
Dear oh dear.
Our left back had football boots of concrete in the second minute as a winger ran past him and an unmarked forward headed the cross into the empty half of the net.
Then some showboating – from 4 different Salop players (great fun), as if liberated from any pressure – followed by 3 wide and over shots from 25 yards (not so much fun), and then it became clear Salop didn’t know how to play as a unit.
At the end of the game, the promotion they’d won last week and a cup presentation for coming second – hmmmm.

Football in perspective

IMG_6839b0108h NGM Salop vs Plymouth applause
Before the match, a minute’s applause for all associated with the club who’s died in 2014-15, most particularly –
– Lloyd Burton, an 11 year old and former academy player, who died from cancer;
– Colin Bloomfield, a 33 year-old BBC Radio Derby presenter, popular in both Derby and his home town, killed by skin cancer;
– Nick Mann, a 35 year old who was killed in a railway accident whilst trying to save his brother.
Lloyd Burton courtesy Shropshire Star Colin Bloomfield Salop players wear tribute t-shirts
nick mann display Nick Mann seat