As I was proceeding …

WP_20170805_23_38_19_Pro ab1051h city centre ChCons MME
… in an easterly direction along Carlton Street, in Hockley, (on my way home from the Riverside Festival fireworks display), I happened across a new(ish) man patrolling the area as a Chief Constable, checking out again how the city centre is on a busy Saturday night.
We discussed a number of issues, including repeated begging.


Pirates of Penzance by People’s Theatre (Nottingham)

IMG_0249ac0410h NottmArtsTheatre Priates of Penzance cast
The simple pleasure of just hearing music being played live and watching people sing and perform.
Bags of enthusiasm and some songs I recognise – including one from the football terraces.
The trick is not so much as to not take the plot too seriously, but to realise Gilbert and Sullivan probably didn’t either.
Put on by local artists and musicians at the Nottingham Arts Theatre.

A Hard Day’s Night re-mastered

The 50th anniversary re-mastered version, released 2 years ago.
Not great.  But The Beatles went on to make Yellow Submarine.  Other pop groups made ths same mistakes as this film.
But the most enormous sensations of nostalgia as you see things of the past that you miss, and things of the past that you’re happy we’ve chucked away.
7164-8034-0Then the extra sweet moments, like when Derek Guyler appears and the recognition travels across the movie theatre.  (One of his lines as a Police Sergeant refers to “Charlie Peace“; interesting cos Peace lived in the Narrowmarsh and a recognition that Peace was still part of our folklore in the 6o’s.)
And it all starts with that chord.

Nottingham Broadfest

8 venues. 8 promoters. 1 night.
“Nottingham’s creative taskforce is linking up to deliver an electronic music festival to see off the summer good and proper, all centred on Hockley’s famous strip. There’ll be live art, clothing stalls, and loads of food to smash in what’s set to be one of the biggest parties of the city this year.
Broadfest 13580460_932672933521680_481506263572506751_o aa0296h“Broadway, Rough Trade, Mimm, The Angel Microbrewery, Brewdog, The Lofthouse, Lee Rosy’s, Wax Bar and The Rum House will all be stuffed full of grins and skanking bodies until the early hours. Heads, unite. Celebrate the bass.

WP_20160902_20_42_43_Pro Broadfest organisers ab0449h
Bumped into the organisers who were handing out promotional leaflets.
The guy on the left makes records (mainly reggae) from his base on Broad Street.
They’re keen to prmote underground music.
WP_20160902_20_30_30_Pro Broadfest street scene ab0326h
Spoke to local shopworkers, uniformed officers and someone filming the event for Left Lion.

CQ Retail and Leisure Forum March 2016

WP_20160322_20_11_20_Pro aa0145h Goose Gate egressA more pessimistic Creative Quarter meeting between officers and local businesses than I’d expected given the investment in Hockley, Lace Market and Sneinton Market, including stone laid streets, a pocket sized guide, street art, European prizes for partnership working and more recently, new street lighting.
A range of complaints, including one prompted by the withdrawal of a Police CCTV van, triggered by reductions in national support to Police budgets.
A couple of the concerns I will pick up as casework.
To tackle street drinking problems that persist, a Public Space Protection Order is being consulted upon.