Against Brexit hold a stall in Hockley

The stall offered a chance for people to out stickers against the questions “Is Brexit going well for the country?”, “Will Brexit be good for the NHS?” and “Will Brexit be good for jobs?”.  Practically 100% “No” when I arrived, but then a man came up to protest with some anger, and an anger that was not assuaged as the stall happily let him vote “Yes” to the 3 questions.  Now sure, it might be an example of confirmation bias, but it’s not illegitimate.
More alarming is the polling saying that people don’t care about the rights and wrongs of Brexit anymore – that they just want it over with.  Something tested by Frank Skinner hosting BBCtv’s “Room 101”, and his audience kinda coughed and shuffled their shoes.
Well, we better hope people do care.  Cos the peace of Ireland is at stake.  The peace deal said no borders, and not being in the customs union means a border.
As best we can tell, there is a low prospect of Theresa May and the government negotiating a deal of any kind, but it seems a majority of Conservative MPs want that rather than no deal at all.  The problem than is the determined minority set to vote against any deal.
Nor do Conservative MPs seem set to vote for an early General Election cos that needs a two-thirds majority.
And the default coming out day is March 29th.
So maybe now we have to keep working for a delay for the date, which the EU would have to agree, or that Britain withdraws its application to leave under Article 50 and ponders on when to submit it again.
Meanwhile Labour’s line remains – any deal must meet 6 tests, and if it can’t, a General Election should be called to decide our future, and if that is not granted, a referendum on the options on our future with Europe, including the option to Remain.

The Importance of Beng Earnest

Earnest montage Screenshot (28) ad0501h
Turns out that I knew the pun but not the play.
Of course it’s ridiculous (Cecily Cardew falling for someone and getting engaged in her own mind before she’d met her “Ernest”), and the posh people are very off-putting.
But some of the lines will live forever and it’s nice to see in a local theatre delivered with local enthusiasm.
Excellent costumes (John Gill), lace, peacock feathers – and eyebrows (Courtney Kelham-Giddy).
(For a proper review, see this by Kev Castle.)

Thunderbirds Are Go

1335 thunderbirds are go movie COMPILATION Screenshot (25)
I went to see this movie having seen it on TV and possibly even youtube times before, and knowing it wasn’t great.
Gerry Anderson got this movie wrong.  It was in his character that he was trying to do new things in this first attempt at a “Supermarionation” movie; e.g. the Cliff Richard & the Shadows.
(r:5.7;  e:3; s:2; p:3)
So why even go?


As part of  Nottingham’s Puppetry Festival, Gerry Anderson’s son and one of the original crew came to talk about the puppets, and brought Titan and Scott Tracy.
Scott Tracy even walked!
A member of the audience – a man of my age – even said it was because we were still 9 years old.
But it really isn’t.  I was born in 1961.  The Thunderbirds are part of my earliest memories.
– The first TV I remember – the trailer for Thunderbirds when Virgil slides down the ramps to join Thunderbird 2.
– The second memory of school – all the kids from 5 to 11 running in a line around the yard each being a different Thunderbird – all having our arms swept behind us.
– The shock when I was told by one of the bigger girls that they were puppets and that you could see the strings – I’d had no idea.
– My mates getting Thunderbirds uniforms for their birthdays and all the memorabilia that Christmas.
Powerful memories, flavoured by the sense of mission, which makes you reflect on all that’s come since.

Discussing A Fantastic Woman

A discussion group at the Broadway to celebrate the Oscar win of “A Fantastic Woman” and discuss trans issues raised by the movie and in Nottingham now.
Hearing stuff I was unaware of.
One remark struck me in particular – (something like) – ‘I don’t know whether I want to start taking hormones, and then have surgery; I just know I’m happier when I’m trans.”
Other references to people in Nottingham being trolled, and stories of violence against trans people (particularly in Brazil).

As I was proceeding …

WP_20170805_23_38_19_Pro ab1051h city centre ChCons MME
… in an easterly direction along Carlton Street, in Hockley, (on my way home from the Riverside Festival fireworks display), I happened across a new(ish) man patrolling the area as a Chief Constable, checking out again how the city centre is on a busy Saturday night.
We discussed a number of issues, including repeated begging.

Pirates of Penzance by People’s Theatre (Nottingham)

IMG_0249ac0410h NottmArtsTheatre Priates of Penzance cast
The simple pleasure of just hearing music being played live and watching people sing and perform.
Bags of enthusiasm and some songs I recognise – including one from the football terraces.
The trick is not so much as to not take the plot too seriously, but to realise Gilbert and Sullivan probably didn’t either.
Put on by local artists and musicians at the Nottingham Arts Theatre.