Six foot high presentations of Robin Hoods, stylised as a robin, and to be sponsored, decorated and installed across the city next year to give an attractive set of walking routes next year.
The first is painted as Robin Hood, the second as India.  A third is shown before decoration.
The project reflects other successful schemes in Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Brighton and elsewhere.
Launched at the Contemporary gallery.


Pride and Prejudice

Rapid cramming on the story by watching videos on youtube in preparation for this production, where the story is adapted for Nottingham Playhouse by comedian Sara Pascoe.   Backed up by defences of the women characters’ priorities cos they were victims of society mores.  And a quick hint of how men manipulate and betray today.
I wonder if a more relevant contemporary theme might have been that people still focus on the importance of marriage, and spend a lot on the wedding days, when the divorce rate is how it is.

Mini road network for kids

** New mini road network for kids to cycle on **
Further to the paddling pool, and the wide range of outdoor play equipment, Victoria Embankment and Nottingham City now offers a road network exclusively for kids to learn to ride a bike on, and to learn road safety.
Photos show site under development, opening ceremony, and a couple of dads pushing kids along on their first rides.
Facility is great for The Meadows, but designed to serve the conurbation.

Squash is coming home

EICsquash finals writeup ab0779h
An amazing men’s final at the European Individual Closed Championships.
Close, changing in fortune and played in one of only 3 glass ‘see-through’ squash courts in the country at the new sports centre at the University of Nottingham.
The game’s rules were set out by a teacher from a school in the south, but the idea of playing with a ball in a confined space, hitting it back and forth against a wall must have come from before then, and statistically, a city of caves (650 have now been logged) must statistically have been the most likely place for such games to develop.
So the championships in Nottingham represented the sport coming home, backed up by the number 3 woman seed coming to live here to study and play, and Robin Hood pioneering the ability to hit targets by glancing things off a wall (see the Walt Disney movie). Oh yes.