Opening of the 725th Goose Fair

Warm and pleasant sunshine, and another mad hat.
Higher res photos available on Facebook.
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724th, 722nd, 721st, 720th.


Robin Hood Half-Marathon 2019

Strange sensation watching the start of a mass marathon, cos of the sound of thousands of feet beating the road.
A mile out, and the runners’ heads are already down, concentrating on the road surface – so catching people looking up or smiling was harder than anticipated.
No complaints about the traffic so far; extra checks on solutions to prevent a repeat of last year were taken on Thursday, and letters to properties within Queens Road and Summers Leys Lane were issued on Friday when an omission was realised.
Photographs available.

The Farewell

“The story is based on an actual lie.”
Seems there’s a tradition not to tell a cancer victim about their prognosis (until close to the very end) in China, or some parts.
In this story, a wedding is contrived to bring the family together to meet the victim.
This seemed the most extraordinary thing – and it kinda felt like a forced marriage. (They. couldn’t have had an engagement party instead?).
Bit of a risk too with the notion of – look how funny the foreigners are. But the intentions are benign and the film entertains.
Instead, perhaps reflect that it wasn’t long ago that not telling cancer patients about the true reality of their condition was more widespread and. not limited to that funny former. most powerful country of the world.
Wiki. Guardian review – 4 stars.)


So what if the way to outdo a believer of an authoritarian ideology and regime is to make them realise that what they believe is ridiculous by showing them the outcome of their believes and make them unbelief?
Not that we have any need for that kind of approach, clearly.

Neat play in the studio at the Lace Market Theatre. Go see – before tickets for Saturday sell out.