Permission for alternative provision school delayed

Planning committee has decided to look into more aspects and details of the planning permission for a school that has already started with granted permission for a year.

I’m grateful to the Nottingham Post for its coverage, since as I had already given a statement to the committee – deemed to not be able to show an open mind – having required the matter to be brought to committee.

IMG_0021ab0269h planning cttee minutes extract
My statement started with the complaint I made at the previous planning committee.
I also explained how I’d taken trouble to circulate the school trust’s letter to me to the cttee., even though I disagree with their contentions on consultation of the community.

I then raised concerns on the matters of sustainable development needing to be local, change in planning use and the viability of such a proposed educational institution.

The Nottingham Post ran a blog of the committee’s preceedings  –

Interestingly, committee members expressed concerns about the quality of the building for the purposes of a school and the quality of recreation space within the site.

For these and other reasons, a review has been sought with a view to a decision next month. The Planning committee is aware however how strong the government steer is for permitting free schools, even though in this matter, it not the constitution of the school, that is the issue. In this regard, the Post’s reporting of the committee’s stance, and mine is mistaken, although the Conservative member will probably be more upset for being described as a “loan Tory”.

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Planning committee March 2016

IMG_0022ab0243h NPost planning cttee 01 start
A lot more eventful than any of the committee members were expecting, and all being posted on-line by Nottingham Post reporter Jennifer Scott as it happened.
And I think Jennifer said the page had 2,000 hits by halfway.
Not sure if that’s right, but I hope this idea is popular (despite some of the problems with almost instant posting).

A renewed office block on Maid Marian Way had been proposed 2 or 3 years ago with a green engineered front. Now, to be a residential block with a less impressive front, so Councillors pleaded for one more go.

Clifton Bridge Inn site …
… and a success here for Cllr. Pat Ferguson who spoke to the problems caused by a car dealer arriving unannounced in her Clifton North ward.  The committee spent some time working up a more determined set of actions to see the matter resolved.

IMG_0029ab0323h NPost planning cttee 07 ch mme
A small-scale children’s home for a part of Sherwood that I used to represent and Jennifer gives me a major write-up, even though what I had to say was relatively minor to the issue and the officers were on top of the point was raising (reflecting a frustration I once had with an even smaller home in Mapperley Park.
The price for such a write-up is that she has me saying ungrammatical things, which, well, I’m sure that can’t be right.

Then the consideration on a school providing alternative provision, which I’ve posted on elsewhere, and which the Post has written up separately.

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N Post host Euro election hustings

20140403-224907.jpgFirst European hustings for the season in Nottingham, and according to UKIP and the Conservatives, the public want only to know about a referendum on membership. Gotta say, if this is the debate, I’m not sure many will vote.
Certainly, not many attended the event produced by the Nottingham Post (16 plus 2 journalists). I turned up just in time, to find Roger Helmer of UKIP already arguing with the audience, re-iterating his denial of human-made climate change.
It got worse – the Lib Dem turned up and was not the existing MEP. Helmer was disappointed. ‘Where was he?’ ‘Voting in Europe’ came the reply. ‘That’s not true – he could have been here’. I told the poor Lib Dem ‘not to take lectures on voting in Europe from UKIP MEPs’ but Helmer couldn’t let go. ‘My record is 88%.’ Which actually must boost the UKIP average quite a bit.
The Lib Dem did make some mistakes over facts, but this worst moment was when he introduced himself as representing the ‘party of IN’; I thought the line had been used by Nick Clegg in the TV debate cos it rhymed with ‘Putin’.
The Conservative tried to join in on ridiculing the EU, a tactic diminished by his inability to remember some of the detail, so Helmer butted in with that! He was very excited.
Rory Palmer for Labour did well by focussing on real issues and not joining in with the pantomime.
The surprise, given the aggression in the room, was that most of the audience voted to say that Britain had benefited from Europe.
The Political Editor introduced the fun question at the end – ‘would Forest get into Europe now Stuart Pearce is to become manager?’ Cue stories of Stuart Pearce leading Forest out for a European game – saying ‘remember boys, you’re English’ to a team that already included Italians. A reminder of both how we benefit from being European and how we often overlook how European we are.
But not before Helmer took a minute to say why he says nothing when he knows nothing about the subject.
See Nottingham Post report.


20140201-200322.jpg“The body of Hama Faraj Noori, 56, was found at his home in Uppingham Gardens, The Meadows, at 7.55pm on Saturday.”
Police reported a suspicious death to Councillors on Sunday morning.
News of the investigation’s findings and progress has been slow to come out, but no doubt any wider risk to public safety is being properly managed.
Condolences to family and friends of Hama Faraj Noori.

Read more at the Nottingham Post, who have since published the following stories –

Clifton housing insulation programme stopped

ConDems have lost the plot on climate change prevention and on lowering energy bills.
All part of a panicked response to Ed Miliband’s cost of living initiatives.
Cllr. Alan Clark reports “British Gas has cancelled the contract for Clifton for solid wall insulation. They have been allowed to do this because the Government in the Autumn Statement changed the targets for energy companies and British Gas says it can meet the new targets without this and various other contracts.
“The contract requires a 90 day notice and the contractors’ response has been to flood Clifton with workers, because they will get paid by British Gas for all the work they complete.”
Lilian Greenwood MP tweets “Whilst energy companies continue to make hundreds of millions of £ profit Nottm families in solid wall homes lose out #Toryfail #LibDemfail”
A chance to reduce bills and have warmer homes is being lost.