Spitfire over Sherwood Vale

Thrilling always to see a Spitfire in flight. It first flew over when I was in the house and that sound of the Merlin engine remains electric. The Spitfire was visiting the Arnot Hill fair in Arnold and banked again over our neighbourhood, those special wings in glorious profile.
I dashed outside and got an excellent view, but not a great photo. Missing it like I did, reminded me of one of the few RAF national service stories my Dad shared. He’d been given some kind of role in training people in aircraft recognition. But in a training melee set up between Meteors and Spitfires, army gunners, using cameras for weapons, had shot down the lot. The Meteor was jet-propelled, Spitfires had propellers. Years later, my Dad would still wonder how could the gunners could get it so wrong? Just maybe, it was because the gunners were as bad as me with cameras.
BTW, the Spitfire’s visit to the estate follows last year’s visit by the International Space Station. Oh yes.