SIGOMA – Stop the Growing Divide

Two new reports confirm that Nottingham has suffered worse than affluent southern areas from Government funding cuts and welfare reforms.
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and SIGOMA, a group of northern urban councils, have both produced reports which identify a significant disparity in the way Government cuts have been distributed across the country.
Both reports say the North and the Midlands have been delivered a greater blow than southern counterparts. The JRF study ‘Coping with cuts? Local government and poorer communities,’ points to a north-south divide and a difference of around £100per person between deprived and affluent areas, while SIGOMA outlines that anticipated cuts over the next two years come on top of earlier Government cuts which between 2010 and 2012 saw the East Midlands lose £160 in funding per person compared to London which saw a gain of £45 in funding per person.

Projected impact of local government finance cuts by 2017-18 per head of population –
Somerset – mainly under £200
North-West Leicestershire – under £200
Nottingham – £848
Note how the very well to do boroughs west of London have gained money.