Second Half Sub

A pleasure to attend the MPs debate convened by the Politics Society of the Nottingham Trent University.
Cos Chris Williamson MP had to go to the East Midlands Labour celebrations of Margaret Beckett MP’s 30th anniversary, I came into the debate as a second half sub, just like England managers’ approaches to friendlies.
The usual contradiction of the audience enjoying cut and thrusts, and then complaints about the childishness of it all.
Figured that against MPs with over 3 years of experience (and both in jacket and jeans), it might be tricky hitting the right tone, but having decided not to do pantomime, I set out as early as I could to cite our core values – this time in the guise of defend the 1945 settlement – and then looked for opportunities to build on what opponents said, rather than attack them. (Well, not too much.)
General view afterwards was that people had enjoyed it, despite the pantomime bits.
I’m afraid there was one Lib Dem activist from Chesterfield who I upset and I just couldn’t reach him afterwards.
Thanks to the Labour students I met before and after the event, some of whom were kind enough to make some nice remarks.