Nottingham’s big health issues

A public body meeting in public at strategic levels has to show a grasp of the big issues.
So from the Board of the NHS Nottingham Clinical Commission Group, the admitted summary view is –
– East Midlands Ambulance Service are having big problems (see front page of the Nottingham Post today );
– Nottingham University Hospitals Trust –
— the shortage of nurses is being met by recruiting 30 nurses from Portugal;
— infection rates are a concern (significant given plans to contract out cleaning);
— planning for 90% occupancy in the winter to meet seasonal extra demand (when they normally run at 95%) is not fully set out;
– there is poor access to psychological services in the city.
I hear the nearby Sherwood Forest Trust is recruiting 30 nurses from Spain (want to check that), but it does seem sad that NUH are planning to muck around with estates and facilities management staff, when a focus on meeting the need for nurses could have avoided expensive agency arrangements.