And the news from Newark is …

20140607-000809-489573.jpg… the new Tory MP wears the same face polish as David Cameron did four years ago.
And there was you expecting a serious bit of analysis.
Something sobering or even profound.
Well the new MP didn’t do it, so why should I?
I mean, your first moment as an MP and you claim it’s a big victory cos “Newark elected a Labour Member of Parliament in 1997”.
Even Andrew Neil was saying all night long – the constituency has changed quite significantly, it’s not the same.
The Tory tried to make out during the campaign how ordinary he was and how he lives local – well, he owns four houses, only one of which is in the constituency. His victory – “It’s only due to local volunteers”.
So, Mr. Jenrick, that’s you that is. False claims within your first minute as an MP.

20140607-000810-490394.jpgAs for serious analysis, I think because an earthquake was promised and not delivered by UKIP, the result is set to be unremarkable. The Labour share held up for a while, but as the actual day came, people were tempted to vote for the ones most likely to win.
One bit of trivia regarding the platform, but as well as knowing Michael, I know the acting returning office from my county days, have questioned the UKIP guy at Regional Assembly and shared the platform with the official loony in South Derbyshire – he called for compulsory working for over 75s, a week before My Mum, in the audience, turned 75.
Images from BBC tv.

Campaigning in Bridge ward again on an election day

This time Bridge ward in Newark.
Other things don’t change. Another cat came for attention, despite my allergy.
We were meeting Labour supporters.
Three UKIP vans turned up; cruelly named Fruitcake, Loony and Bonkers – no not really – but you did wonder if it’s the best use of £100,000 election funds.
Back at campaign HQ, bumping into friends …
… including colleagues from Gedling Borough.

Michael Payne for Newark

20140529-225038-82238708.jpg 20140529-225050-82250318.jpg
Meeting Labour supporters in Newark with Michael Payne.
Met one lady who was anxious for her son’s lack of job opportunities; hence the need to tackle to abuse of the labour market.
Campaigning with a range of friends from Notts, old and new.
Had some fun with a Tory Minister leafleting on his own. Good spirited. Certainly no need to mention he was wearing orange trainers.
Labour’s campaign headquarters.

The iconic Newark Castle.

20140529-230412-83052432.jpg 20140529-230421-83061431.jpg
And at the end of the session, time at Newark Castle station to watch the freight trains.

Dog whistles to prejudice

Helmer comes out of the starting blocks, and is tripped up by his own side.
(From Political Scrapbook.)
If you don’t take enough care with your core values, well, you’re prone to horrible pratfalls, although statements like the candidate is “indigenous, white” on the first day, takes it to a new level.
National sites (such as the New Statesman) have latched on to Helmer’s strange statements of the past, but may miss that his recent performances in Nottingham and Newark suggests he won’t listen. (See previous posts.)
And if you’re concerned for a gay friend who needs help, you want the elected representative to hear the concern.
And if you’re concerned for the environment cos of climate change, you want the elected representative to hear the concern.
And if you’re concerned for jobs in your office, cos the work is dependent on trade with the European Union, you want the elected representative to hear the concern.
There’s a political age until June 5th arrives, but wouldn’t it be great if something nobler can come out of the by-election campaign rather than dog whistles to predjudice.