Meadows Tree Poles

Old Meadows Pole installed, and will be on display for the Enclosure Walk this Sunday.
7 more story poles held at Woodthorpe Park.
Money remains for 2 and possibly 3 more poles. Plans for a final twelfth pole depends on finding more money.
Welcome signs for The Meadows also being made.
Progress had been made possible with money from Boots, Awards for All and Tramlink, who also helped with logistics.
Remaining wood being offered for those who can use it, including local churches and schools.

Meadows story pole installed

A special day for The Meadows as the first of 12 sculpted story poles is unveiled, and celebrated by Lilian Greenwood MP, Pat, chair of New Meadows residents and Margaret, Chair of the Old Meadows residents.
20140509-224601.jpg 20140509-224614.jpg
Carved from the lime trees that were felled to make way for the tram.
20140509-225346.jpg 20140509-225220.jpg 20140509-225535.jpg
Select graphic to see detail.
Commissioned by the Meadows Trees Project, and sculpted by Nottingham artists, this pole places scenes from The Meadows’ past within frames of a movie film.
With Lilian and Nicola; a great day to be an elected representative for The Meadows.

Events at Queens Walk Recreation Ground

Lots going on around Queens Walk Recreation Ground.
Select image for bigger photo.
Dogs being chipped as part of the Meadows Week of Action.
Green Flag, raised last Thursday.
New circle of trunk stools, near the play ground, installed by volunteers, including some for Boots I think, last Friday.
Meadows Tree Project’s carving artists have presented their first ideas for designs for the totem poles to tell the stories of The Meadows. (Sorry, the pencil drawings don’t show up very well.)
More pot welding taking place to combine rails for the expanded tram network, this time on Queens Walk.

Meadows history meeting

As part of reviewing the history of Meadows for the Meadows Tree Project, Pat Thomas and I met Professor of local history, John Beckett, from University of Nottingham.

Rehearsed a rough History of The Meadows whilst talking things through.
I’ve written my rough notes fairly swiftly and published them at  Happy to revise.
Further reference –,_Nottingham#History – but a bit surprised to see the emphasis on the Victoria Embankment.