The 173rd anniversary of the Battle of Mapperley Hills

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Three years now since my nephew and I made a second-take single shot video on an iPad to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the Battle of Mapperley Hills. See
We did our best with the camera and the history (the sound is not great and the facts might not be entirely accurate either), but we are grateful to the anonymous people who’ve written what appears to be a much more credible, and fuller history of the day’s events, available at
And let us take moment today to reflect on what organised working people were trying to achieve, and how they struggled and suffered for it.
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Interesting that one commentator advises that the term “Battle” was meant originally, in essence mocking the language of the judges and magistrates who escalated the protestors actually posed.

Rallying on Mapperley Hills

In a reminder of what once made Mapperley Labour Party the most campaigning branch in the city, Chris Leslie and its councillors and city spokespeople met residents in the streets built on what was once the rallying point for the Chartists.
Nothing so dramatic as speeches and arrest by the British army, of course.
Just picking up on peoples’ concerns about the NHS, the cuts and bins being left out.


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