Respect the volunteers who fought for freedom in Spain

20130531-014135 AM.jpg
It is truly disappointing that yesterday, the Leader of the Nottinghamshire Conservatives again invited us to choose between celebrating British members of the International Brigade, and British servicemen who have lost their lives in service of our government, and even with Lee Rigby, the off-duty soldier killed last week in Woolwich.
Across the river is the Peace Memorial on Victoria Embankment, where we meet every November to commemorate those who served and those who fell.
The memorial to the International Brigade does not compete, cannot compete, has never tried to compete with such a significant building.
The argument actually comes down to the board that explains a very impressive metal plaque. The metal is helped by the explanation.
I was a Nottinghamshire County Councillor when the memorial to those from Britain who volunteered to fight for the republic in Spain in 1936 was installed. There was real pride amongst the veterans who were there that day.
A shame Nottinghamshire Conservatives have behaved the way they have.