Cameron’s dash makes him culpable

Let’s acknowledge that political point scoring over today’s consideration by the House of Commons is problematic when many people are still trying to work out just what is the appropriate way forward.

There’s been an atrocity, but it’s not fully understood (and there was a chance for it to be explained more clearly soon).

The way forward being painted by David Cameron was not understood, neither in its purpose and design; nor its legality, extent and likelihood of success.

Cameron is culpable cos he called Parliament back early, yet he actually needed time to work things out.

Slightly concerned by outcome – there will be no intervention with Britain taking part – cos I think message was ‘take time to work out what’s happened and argue a way forward through the UN’.

Note BBC tv commentary in response to opening speeches that Ed Miliband had the worst of it and Cameron wold win the vote looked pale ten hours later.

Lilian Greenwood MP leads adjournment debate

20130319-075111 AM.jpg
Lilian Greenwood led an adjournment debate on the “Bedroom tax”.
The debate is available at –
20130319-075159 AM.jpgThe reply from the ConDem Minister queried why the principle of a room allowance had been introduced by Labour for private tenants.
This ignored the much higher level of rents covered and that the change applied in essence to new tenancies.
20130319-075207 AM.jpg
20130319-075132 AM.jpgConDem Minister says South Gloucestershire has not passed on the shortfall in Council Tax Benefit to claimants, but his local authority serves a better off part of the country and has not had the cuts in finance Nottingham has. … in Nov 2012, Nottingham was to be losing £158.35 per head by 2015 whilst South Gloucestershire was losng £31.11. (Source: Guardian datablog.)
No wonder ConDem minister thinks councils can absorb shortfalls if his council is more than £127 less worse off per person than Nottingham.
20130319-075526 AM.jpgLilian came back on a number of points, here challenging why cut like this and yet give more tax back to millionaires.
The Minister’s reply said 40% had been good enough for most of Labour’s years, but this ducks the reduction from 50% coming this April.