National Armed Forces Day coming to Nottingham

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Nottingham is to host National Armed Forces Day this year.
Likely to match Olympic Torch Day in scale, it will be held on Saturday, 29th June, 2013.
Announced on 17th January, last Thursday, I’ve looked in vain for coverage in our local newspaper.
Alas, they are distracted by stories on charges for car parking and the sensationalisation of a suicide in Beeston.

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Charging for Parking on Victoria Embankment

Front page headlines, lead story, full page analysis and an editorial in the N Post today. Wow! whatever it is, it must be important!!
What it is, is that Forest fans pay £5 to park on Victoria Embankment on a home match day and County fans don’t.
And people wonder why we get fed up with local newspapers.
The thesis, as such is not correct, even recognising that in practice, that’s what happens.
Cos the criteria is actually much more along the lines of there being a commercial event taking place near the Trent Bridge that means we want some kind of patrol and control for our beautiful public park.
So if County get big gates – these days, say, a big club at home in the cup – the council may well charge for parking.
As it is, from memory, County’s average home league gate is circa 7,000 and Forest’s is circa 22,000; that’s 3 times higher. And County fans find parking opportunities to the north of their ground that is less convenient for Forest fans.
And the paper forgets to think about cricket fans visiting the Trent Bridge.
England fans turn up in big numbers and the council runs patrol and control; Outlaws 20-20 fans – the same. County cricket doesn’t need it.
So if the paper had thought about it, their charge of discrimination would relate to be Forest fans, Outlaw fans and England test fans.
But that wouldn’t make a snappy headline.

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