Bridge Ward monthly report 23


Political convention perceives August as a quiet month, drawing still on the notion that we’re all concentrating on collecting the harvest at home.
But the deaths of over a thousand civilians in Syria from chemical weapons is a defining moment, that is taking time to be fully realised and understood.
The month will also be remembered for the British Parliamentary debate, which the Gov’t called before it was ready, and then spectacularly misrepresented as a vote against military action when it was a vote to work things through.
In Nottingham, the city was busy with construction – the on going tram works and renewal of its hot water distribution network, and the blockade of its railway station as the track was replaced and redesigned and its control systems modernised.
For The Meadows, the bIggest challenge was the change in bus services required by the closure of Arkwright Street and Meadows Way for September onwards. Notions of crossing a five lane London Road to catch a bus should always have been unacceptable.
Somewhat bizarre notions of 0.7% growth rates being grounds for optimism are masking growing concerns of many people getting into more debt and struggling with paying the rent as less social security is provided for those in need.
As ever, culture offered the highlights in August – Nottingham-by-the-sea, the Carnival parade and Meadows Memories. I’ve drafted a Rough history of The Meadows available at –

Text of the monthly report available at –