NEMTRA Cttee meeting

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Working hard and in a lot of detail to get things done.
Pleased with Meadows in Bloom inspection.
Visitors to Meadows Art Gallery has picked up.
Decommissioning of stacked maisonettes had been going well but some things to pick up on.
Outing to Skegness planned.
Hopes for new running of Portland Leisure Centre discussed.
Nearly all had attended Armed Forces Day and enjoyed it.

puppet exhibition in the pavilion

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Pat Thomas of Meadows Art Gallery writes –

There is a puppet exhibition in the Queens Walk Park Pavilion.
About 40 puppets, scenery and scripts are on display.
Each has a purpose: fruits of my puppeteering over 15 years gathered there.
Good King Wenceslas, the Boot family, King Charles, the Qweenies, Greythorn the dragon as well as a basket of puppets for children to play with.
I’m happy to tell stories or answer questions about puppet making or shows, but if you bring a group, please let me know.

Usual opening times – Tuesday, Thursday, from 1pm till 4 pm and Saturday 11am till 1pm.
Photo shows the Boot family.

Meadows Trees Project launch

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Parade behind shire horse called Beau.

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20130524-045644 PM.jpg 20130524-045032 PM.jpg

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Mary opens the project.

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A project established to use the wood from the trees lost to the tram works.
Pat Thomas writes –

The Meadows Tree Project had a successful launch.
Despite windy, wet weather the shire horse led a procession of children and adults around the park to the story circle where his owner told the horse’s story.
The children took it in turns to stroke the horse before we retired to the pavilion for more stories and refreshments.
Two children from Greenfields school told their stories before Mary Daly cut the ribbon around some planks of our lime trees.
The children departed, most cuddling their own disc of lime wood as did many other Meadows residents.

N Post Meadows stories

Today, the Nottingham Post highlights Ruksana Kalim baking nan bread at the outdoors Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens oven and the Meadows Trees Project which will carve story poles to line the new tram route.
Read the story at –

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NEMTRA public meeting

Besides “in Bloom” NEMTRA covered a range of issues tonight.
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The Police reported that there was 26% less crime for the last year.
Recent reports of drug litter will be followed up.
It was noted that actual track has been laid on Meadows Way West.
Meadows Art Gallery have already got new art on show and invite residents to bring their art for display.
NCH reported progress on decommissioning of the stacked maisonettes of Middle Furlong Gardens, Tarbet Close and Bosworth Walk.
The future of the Kings School site was discussed.
At the end, NEMTRA members said some very nice things.

Handwriting exhibition

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Pat Thomas at Meadow Art Gallery’s new exhibition – the new exhibition being handwriting.
20130312-072056 PM.jpg 20130312-072104 PM.jpg 20130312-072119 PM.jpg
Displays of handwriting from the local primary schools of Greenfields (left) and Riverside (right).
20130312-072129 PM.jpg
The adult section featuring scripts from local people drawing on native languages from across the world.
20130312-072149 PM.jpg
Plus some whimsy wisdom.
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Meanwhile the local choir were rehearsing “English Country Garden” by watching Terry Wogan’s performance on Top of the Pops from the seventies.