Unlicensed quad bikes on The Embankment

The hot weather yesterday did see large numbers of people enjoying Victoria Embankment in the evening.
Rang some complaints in and have spoken to the Police today.
We are getting some people hanging around busy spots and not making way – in a manner that would be social distancing friendly – for people passing through. So we’re on the look-out.
On the look-out too for the owners of quads that were hanging around and more at the Embankment. If we can find them, we can impound unlicensed quads and have them crushed.

The Police have had more success in recent weeks in arresting drug dealers based in The Meadows and perception is that users have gone elsewhere.
Happy to hear feedback on these points.
Bumped into a Meadows resident a few days back in a city centre street who said the City Council have been excellent. So the score currently is 1-0. Let me know if you have an opinion.  
Meanwhile, was sorry to read that one of wardens was spat at by someone who then bit a Police Officer. Reported to the media – fair enough – but the N Post said it happened on Meadows Way, then showed a photo of Bridgeway Shopping Centre – unfair on our local shops.

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