Buying for 14 days will trigger temporary shortages

Queues at the chemists in Bridgeway Shopping Centre; needing prescriptions in case of going into isolation will also trigger high demand.

I think my experiences of food shopping in Nottingham city centre have not been typical of elsewhere in the UK.
Yes, toilet paper seems very scarce. I’ve had to buy nan bread rather than fresh bread. Eggs were short 2 days ago but there was plenty where I went today. 
I’m a tad reluctant to be critical of other shoppers, partly cos I have not witnessed a problem (obviously I have not seen the worst of it), and because in part people are working to be ready for going into isolation for 14 days, in case, just as the Gov’t req’d, and possibly buying for other families.
Now OK, I did buy a pack of 18 toilet rolls, but that was 3 weeks ago, and the offer was a tempting one. (I wish now that I’d kept the receipt; I didn’t panic buy, honest; and if they sell in packs of 9s, 12s, 18s and more, product sales are gonna soon clear a shelf).
(I do wonder why arrangements haven’t been made for health workers to get certain products at their workplace, but I don’t know enough.)

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