And Then We Danced

A movie that people tried to stop being shown in Georgia

Georgia. Georgian dancing. practised on worn out floors. Traditional, strict, paternalistic. Yet loved by these young people who want to go places with it.
Tbilisi. A family steeped in the dancing. Struggling. The lead, a second son. Kinda understood to be committed to his female partner. A coming of age movie. And a coming out movie.
A movie of youth. Excellent physiques and bright outlooks. And gossip of inconsequences from visits to London.
All good, (‘cept I’m not that keen on romance) until just about everything in the lead man’s life collapses in one night – pushing the credibility a tad. Otherwise a good movie and for the most part absorbing.
So go see, including for the dancing (surprisingly from me, cos I ain’t no Strictly fan).

But this is a movie that some in Georgia protested against, trying to stop being shown.
So also go see in solidarity for gay rights.

Wiki. Guardian (4 stars). Observer (4 stars)

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