Opposition amendment threatened road repairs in The Meadows

Nottingham Labour
“Independent Cllrs voted with Conservative Cllrs to support an amendment on the budget at #FullCouncil today. Conservatives have cut Nottingham’s main source of government funding from £126 million to just £25 million. We need fair funding for our city & Cllrs who’ll fight for it”

The Conservative amendment said raise £3 million through the sale of council companies, whilst the speech said the £3 million was to be raised from the sale of Robin Hood Energy. Snag is, if the £3 million can’t be raised through the sale of RHE, you have to fill the hole in another way.

The Conservative amendment presented an amendment to the council tax increase, but neither they or the Independents had calculated what the percentage increase would be.

The Conservative amendments would have raided the Area Capital not spent. This would include the significant sum for The Meadows not yet allocated – but our sum was unallocated because we had planned to re-surface Ainsworth Drive and then recognised construction works would have ruined any new surface we would have installed. We aim to set out plans for re-surfacing in the Old Meadows and for a new set of parking permits at the March 18 Area 5 committee,

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