The Government advice is available and it’s best to follow this.

The measures needed to reduce the spread of the disease is a challenge to a highly developed economy which has developed business on the basis of just in time supply and delivery; shopping too; work on the basis of extensive commuting; and cuts core public services that look out for public health and emergency planning.

Back around 2009 and the then Swine Flu, we had increased the number of emergency planners in Nottingham by 2, and Cllr. Sally Longford referred to how the emergency pandemic plans had been lifted straight off the shelf. (Kinda interesting to pick up on how some of the vibes have changed.) Anyway, the cuts have meant a reduction in emergency planners.

The reports of panic buying are a bit of a surprise; not personally witnessed it. I now feel bad for buying 18 toilet roll in an offer 3 weeks ago! One of the things we need to slow down the spread of a virus is for everybody to wash their hands with soap and even to use disinfecting gel and that can’t happen if we have shortages. And what of those assertions that the British had the grit to see through the deprivation of World War II?

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