Looking forward to March 2020

Joint committee on Strategic Planning and Transport, County Hall; 6th, 10am;
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 6th, 4pm – 5:30pm;
Full council, The Council House; 9th, 2pm; 
NeMTRA AGM, Queens Walk Community Centre; 12th, 6pm;
OMTRA public meeting, Meadows Library; 17th, CANCELLED;
Planning committee; Loxley House; 18th, 2:30pm; 
Area 5 committee; Loxley House; 18th, CANCELLED; 
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 20th, CANCELLED; 
Celebration of Embankment bandstand; 24th, CANCELLED;
Joint Planning Advisory Board, Beeston; 24th, CANCELLED;
Enviroenergy board, Loxley House,; 25th, 1pm; IT CONFERENCE;
Ward walk, Portland Leisure Centre; 26th, CANCELLED;  
Audit committee, Loxley House; 27th, CANCELLED;

Meadows Art Gallery begin hosting sessions at Queens Walk Rec., on Thursdays, starting at 2pm.

April 2020
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 3rd, CANCELLED;
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 17th, CANCELLED; 
Planning committee; Loxley House; CANCELLED; 
Ward walk, Meadows Children Centre; CANCELLED;  

Mayl 2020
Audit committee, Loxley House; CANCELLED;
Advice Surgery, Meadows Library; 1st, CANCELLED;
Police Commissioner elections; 7th, POSTPONED UNTIL 2021.

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