Dark Waters

A public health failure, brought to a head by the actions of a reluctant lawyer.
Wiki. Guardian.

Kinda odd that there isn’t some kind of name for the scandal this film covers. DuPont see the commercial opportunity in coating pans and carpets using teflon, but don’t get to grips with the toxic and carcinogenic nature of the material whilst manufacturing it.
Teflon is made from perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA-C8) and that is allowed to leak into water sources, and then stored in badly managed steel drums and then moved into an insufficiently managed ground fill site.
People die and they end up paying out $671m after a prolonged legal campaign led by one lawyer, who’s specialised in corporate defence. The campaign, after an initial victory, included paying out $400 each to local residents for blood tests which yielded 69,000 samples, which in turn explains why it took so long for the scientists to declare their results.
All through this story, questions are begged –
– why didn’t vets report problems in animals?
– why didn’t doctors pick on on the increase of cancers and other issues, such a fertility problems?
– why didn’t dentists react to children and others having black teeth?
– why didn’t health services generally rect? or the government agency?
– why no response from the workers, or there representatives in the trade unions, or political representatives?
– why didn’t scientists tasing the blood, issue a warning based on the first thousand results, or offer better progress reports?
The conclusion appears to be that it’s individuals that have to do it – a kinda very liberal interpretation. Yes, DuPont may have had tremendous importance to the local communities and had a good deal of good will, but how come a wide range of other people and organisations not pick up on the problem?

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