Towards a Greener Meadows – February 2020

Extracts of Nottingham Energy Partnership’s presentation

“Towards a Greener Meadows” held its 3rd meeting, this time reviewing what to do to improve energy management in the home. Including insulation. and maintaining your boiler regularly.  

Surprising conjecture that the future would see the return of hot water tanks, as gas-first boilers will be phased out and replaced by air source heat pumps. Currently £3,000 a go, it seems unreal, but the market and the climate’s needs will drive change.  

Ground source heat pumping is of course a better bet, and drawing from the flooded and disused mines where water is 21 degrees Centigrade is something we are going to see more of.  

A future meeting will be called to design a bid to the Climate Action Fund. And the Green Meadows is well placed to win through such a bid.  

But in the meantime, the struggle is to keep queueing traffic out of The Meadows. (We don’t need the air pollution.)
Proper relief involves persuading people to live nearer work, but then, to provide better mass transport from across the river – more frequent trains and a new tram line to the east, both served with park and rides.

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